Let Fab embarrassed maternal flash sales site Zulily why can rapid growth

[introduction] let promotional mail become "art", close to the female psychology, let the product have feelings, draw small brands, complete low-cost operation.


Tencent technology Xu Shuzhi reported October 10th

"our task is to keep growing very fast every single day."." Darrell Cavens, one of the founders of Zulily, the baby’s flash purchase website, said so. And now, Zulily has gained recognition from the outside world for its "growing speed".

Zulily was founded in 2009, before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted IPO documents, intends to raise $100 million. In the 2012 D round of financing in July, Zulily raised $85 million and was valued at $1 billion.

according to Zulily IPO documents show that Zulily active users reached 2 million 200 thousand people, revenue of $331 million last year, well above the $143 million in 2011, the first half of this year, still surged 114% to $272 million. At the same time, last year’s loss of $10 million 300 thousand Zulily, the first half of this year has achieved $2 million 300 thousand in profits.

By comparison, Tableau Software, a technology company listed in Seattle this year, has a market capitalization of $4 billion 100 million, but last year’s revenue was only $127 million 300 thousand, and

is still unprofitable. If the IPO succeeds, Zulily will be the youngest and largest listed technology company in the Seattle region.

at present, the entire group purchase market downturn, the United States another big flash shopping site Fab is ailing, CEO announced a new initiative to leave a year, as maternal flash sales site Zulily

are growing so fast?

let promotional mail become "art"

Zulily is a online diamond jewelry dealer Blue Nile Kevin, former executive Dallaire · (Darrell Cavens) and Mark · (Mark Vadon); wadern founded. At present, the main selling mother installed, children’s clothing, women’s goods, household goods, toys and children’s books and so on.

its operating model for flash purchase, that is, limited sale, by shortening the user’s decision-making time, improve user purchasing efficiency, while avoiding inventory backlog.

every morning at six, Zulily sends mail to the user, providing 600 styles or quantities of clothing or items for users to choose from. These items have a price range of 50% to 90%, while promotions continue for 72 hours or are sold out.

Zulily web pages clean and tidy, product LED interface is divided into five major categories: the new product, hot products

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