Exchange links platforms resources tasks impressions

this is the second task, compared to micro-blog promotion task difficulty last time I still feel not much difference, mainly to exercise executive power, to meet the requirement of the mission is not difficult to do a lot of effort. Next, I’d like to say some thoughts about the task since the task was released.

Before the

mission begins:

1, make plans and arrange the time.

four days of work time, we should plan for the first time, these four days to do what, and only arranged the plan can be methodically. My arrangement was simple, collecting data two days ago and analyzing data two days later. In this way, try to do one thing at the time of the plan. Don’t worry about how much you have collected.

2, think well, analyze good data.

and above, make a plan, you have to think of a way to arrange good time, think about what can need to be collected from the local to the task of resources, and data analysis the analysis of what in the mind think about. In fact, one of the most important is the method and group of brothers and sisters to discuss and study, as the saying goes "can Two heads are better than one", another point is not to hold the burden of thinking, how can think of their old this "difficult" task, don’t be intimidated by difficulties.

After the

task begins:

1, data collection approach.

said where to collect the data needed, this topic is a little too much, mainly from search engines and forums inside, there are many ways to find the corresponding resources. I say I was how to collect these resources, I first from the previous in the forum to see someone else to collect similar data, and I have to download to your computer, go to the find, there are dozens of such resources, it is. You can also go to major forums or Baidu search similar "friendship connection platform, connection exchange platform, friendship connection exchange" such keywords or title, will find a lot. There is a group of seniors said to find the relevant path in the program directly on the platform of Baidu search path "inurl:exchange.asp" will come out a lot, of course, you can also use this idea to find another resource. Next is to see your execution, two days, I easily collected 200 fast data. Please note that it is easy to do, and did not say "do not eat, do not sleep" to find. Due to the collection of links platform is very easy to set up, so there are many webmaster structures placed on the matter, or have a problem do not know, a lot of revision is not the platform open when found in the data analysis, this situation is not met.

2, data analysis summary.

said, "data analysis is a tough one for me. I knew from the start that I analyzed the world of resources."

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