Feel Baidu domain name search new function

saw a netizen said the Baidu search engine, before the opening of the new domain name search function, you only need to enter the search box any domain name, you can draw a relevant page appears the domain name on the network. I am curious to try to search the www.busyblog.cn, and indeed found the domain name related pages.

search the domain name before the domain name search function is opened. If the site is collected, it will only appear as a result of the url. Users are limited in their understanding of unfamiliar domain names and can not learn more about a domain name.

with the popularization of Internet, more and more Internet users to enter the website address, or to understand the relevant information of a domain name to the site, are used to search with Baidu search engine, because the function is not comprehensive and user-friendly, resulting in many users by some bad sites of infringement, unable to search what they want what this move Baidu search is commendable, even taking into account the user experience. But this search domain is like the reverse link domain:www.busyblog.cn Baidu search only, no Baidu link domain will search, you can try, the effect of the user experience and specific remains to be seen.

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