Talk about how new Adsense chooses advertising alliance

webmaster in the entire Internet system can be regarded as vulnerable groups, a few days ago the "original" incident, the ultimate victims is our webmaster, telecom owners complain incessantly be careless with. Hard to establish the site, once destroyed, we all know that if the server stops for 3 days, Baidu will K station, the front of hard work and pay are white stream. Therefore, the choice of advertising alliance is very important, because most of the Adsense or advertising revenue, if the ad did not choose, it is likely that 1 months traffic will be wasted.

here, I want to help the new Adsense how to choose the advertising alliance.

1, not only in one league, we can do many home, some alliances, advertising is very simple, the effect is not good. Therefore, to collect the director, in a number of alliances in the selection of good results, so that it can reduce risks, such as titles will not be completely lost.

2, each advertising alliance will have the amount of deduction, this does not need to pay too much attention, if you buckle too much, of course, can not accommodate.

3, advertising can not just look at the price, depending on the actual effect, if the content of advertising is not attractive, and your potential users do not match, the price is higher, do not do.

4, advertising location is also very important, can not affect the user’s browsing experience, pop is very taboo, because most people are very disgusted with pop, so should not be too frequent, usually placed on the home page, content page is not put.

5, for showing little advertising opportunities can go to Ali mother on the package, do not waste an ad position, text chain advertising does not affect how much speed, you can make full use of.

6, choose alliance reputation is very important, we can find a few good reputation together put on, for word of mouth can be discussed on the Admin5 and webmaster, or into the webmaster group, ask everybody.

finally hope everyone can make money from these advertising alliances. Provenance (

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