Talking about small websites what should we do

in 2009, 1 yuan discount last year CN domain name to Chinese personal website before the so-called some growth, the future personal website will also present the unceasing increase, this is the progress of the times an inevitable result. For the small webmaster, we are concerned about how to survive in many webmaster, how to grow up quickly. Do not stand there, do not care about this. Many webmaster may have read some articles, said that now the website type is comprehensive, it can be said that involving aspects is very wide, you can think of may other people can also think of. Therefore, only by persistence can we succeed.

I do not object to this point of view. I must persist in everything I do, but I want to say something about innovation. Take the site for hao123! People are the first to do site navigation, people is innovation, then there are a lot of similar sites, but that can be compared and, no! I believe that everyone will say so.

, everybody should know. Happy to hear now only 1 years or so, but the sentiment is lightning Airlines speeds up, there are imitation of happy net, but make a big score? I want to have it! In fact, there are many kinds of innovation, new reform, make the category in the There was no parallel in history.! A case, as long as propaganda in place, some will develop.

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on the basis of previous development of new thinking, such as the now out of a new website called "healthy way" is really not what special, but different from the name of the station’s people will have different ideas. Different ideas make different ideas.

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