Site four heavy song passion disappointment insipid confidence

as the saying goes, "what do you complain about" as a webmaster, in fact, very much blame the profession, but there is no way, since the choice of this road, you must always go down. Now we are in a recession environment, it is difficult to find a suitable job, it is better to be a up occupation – station, because the station is very low threshold, more and more people to join the webmaster industry, want to earn some income through the website, improve the living environment. The cause of their success, not know stationmaster is very tired, through the site, family career is very difficult, after all, like "webmaster nets" such well-known sites across the country have? No toil and sweat may not have become today. Here on my new online site (free home, and we explore the web site after the complex psychological process, for those who have just joined the webmaster industry a reference.

1, passion: before each webmaster do a certain reference in determining the type of website, a lot of the same type of website, these websites have good and bad, always feel if you do this type of website how, will put the site is the idea of imagination perfectly. Do the station must be full of passion, full of confidence, not stop, until the idea of reference, the website is established successfully, and then submitted to the search engine, every hope stars hope the moon, want the search engine included early, early flow. This does not know how many days and nights hard to stare at the computer screen, and the whole body with the site integrated, such a feeling, I think only those who have been able to realize the webmaster.

2, disappointed: because the search engine to strengthen the new algorithm, and soon no longer be included, even in the short term can not be collected tens of thousands of pages, the time within 1 months, I think many new Adsense may and I had the same, had a suspect and disappointed in his passion to build the site, every day to see the traffic statistics the data, often only one of the results of the data of "0", this time the mood of people as can be imagined. A website is not equivalent to the flow, there is no need to exist, we know the full truth of practice, but as a novice webmaster simply did not think to insist, often every webmaster want to through this, only through the rain to see the rainbow, but the rainbow owners are in the minority, disappointment is the result of the site is no longer a day to update the content, finally had to give up.

3, dull: those who survive the disappointment of a webmaster, have to experience this stage of insipid. This process may be very long, at least more than 3 months, every day is the complex things simple, simple things repeat, that is every day to update the content, new things constantly enrich, don’t consider traffic statistical data on the psychological impact of their own, dull to look at all this month. And two months…… Accumulate slowly. This test of human perseverance, often a lot of standing, looking at the stage of negligence, and stop in the plain process, because the process is very long, many webmaster think how simple things can accomplish a career

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