New learning notes for Valley best competition

today about 23:30, I found my site promotion in the Google rankings, to the second page first, although still very backward, never mind, just let me tread on air, these days I do what


first, learning to participate in the site of the heroes do the construction of the chain, here is very grateful to the webmaster and I exchanged links. Maybe my site’s Google ranking upgrade is this reason. Of course, you have to see other major link ( and habits, to link site sent their link address? I personally think that this address in the future Google next update, there will be no small weight value. Of course, must go to the relevant site.

second, published some search engines lack of content, that is, the search engine also published few words, that it is possible to improve the weight, because he was hungry, so I eat, that you stand developed, if certain types of information too frequently, he too full to eat, he will be disgusted, even spit you out (from the Shenzhen SEO exchange group, thanks to Letou).

is the same principle as standing and being a man. You think for others, others will think for you and think more.

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