The stationmaster also comes to talk about the wind of filing

now these days, the Internet seems to have blown up the pot, what is so fire, that is, for the record, close the station, these words are too familiar to the webmaster and too afraid. From yesterday’s bus and today more domain name was forced to suspend the use of the station… This road is more and more difficult to walk, the owners are not always completely destiny in their own hands, not to discuss why these stations were closed, from now hot for the wind to talk about

personal views!The first

statement record from the broad and general appearance is a good thing, is a guide to a healthy development of the Internet, but how many of them the true meaning of it, the record is equal to the normal website, the record can avoid violation of information dissemination and cut some of the Internet to bring people the loss of it? The answer is not necessarily, I like a friend said, if a person wants to crime even if you put him in prison, in his heart still keep thinking about the motive of the crime, if a person he did not want to crime even if you throw him in the criminal heap, he will not to commit a crime! I think it makes sense.

The record behind

is noisy from the hot we may think of something, why so strong, because the network is a public place, is one of the only people can express their true inner thoughts! As is true words, so… Remember that after all. In a word, the truth is often the most difficult, since it is the most terrible, so many people are not willing to listen to listen to how to do, how can it come seal seal, so the only way is to start from the network, the introduction of a number of policy laws and regulations system, some seemingly reasonable things. For example, some time ago, Xuzhou introduced the human search for this.

is not filing or regulation or vulgar if you want to go farther, longer, don’t complain, don’t complain, don’t blame the garbage how filing system, how the filing system is not perfect, the record time is how long, whether it is meaningful for the record, whether the you should not stand, not the slightest value and significance of these. Because you can’t change the Internet, can not change these seemingly unfair or ho five value and significance of the system, whether it is your IP tens or hundreds of thousands, whether you are not a penny earned earn tens of thousands of garbage station or super station, you stand the fate you always not to grasp, not to


is the only thing we can do is to record, we will go to the preparation of it, even if we are using a fake name, false information, false mobile phone number, you just go according to their meaning is to submit to the record, not to comment so far from remediation, far away from the vulgar, away from porn now, to do things with China conditions


really want to say a true word, the record is really meaningless, and can not control anything, some things can not be changed, this way does not work, he will change another side

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