Web data analysis how to meet the data needs of different business units

product needs only direct user pain point, in order to be accepted by the user, access to product success. As a data analyst, we should understand how to make different analysis reports according to the needs of different departments, so as to achieve effective communication between departments and improve efficiency.

has a purpose to do everything. As a data analyst, we need to know who is spending our data analysis What kind of data report do they need?

in general, the data you analyze is for business owners, product departments, and operations departments. This section describes the common requirements of these three departments and the common ways of presenting data.

one, three departments, different data requirements,

usually website statistics contain certain basic indicators, but if only these basic statements open to other departments, certainly can not meet the needs of the boss, product department, operation department.

in general, the boss just want to know some of the key data and indicators of changes in the company, the product department concerned about the growth and active, the page data according to the data, because they optimize the iteration of the product, we would like to do the operation according to the data of the user to do portraits of precision marketing.

two, what kind of data does the boss want to see


usually, bosses are more concerned about the performance of the key indicators in the monthly and quarterly in at the same time, they must grasp the change trend of these key indicators of the performance of the company, so as to clear the overall level of performance. So what they want is not just data this month, but they will be analyzed in conjunction with last month’s data and last year’s data.

so, what’s going on? Introduced an mom and a fixed base where appropriate.

1, compared to the same period, the chain, fixed base

fixed base: usually, the development of a web site or a company will be a starting point, after some statistical indicators generally at this point data as a benchmark to assess the company’s growth rate;

chain: by comparing with the previous data, it reflects the current development trend;


: compared with the same time point between before and after the two period of development, reflects the development of cyclical changes, such as season, month, week, etc..

2, the year-on-year growth rate, growth rate, the growth rate of fixed base

growth rate: the role is to eliminate the impact of cyclical fluctuations in data, the data in this cycle compared with the previous cycle at the same time point of the data. The common monthly data this year are compared with the same monthly figures last year;

year on year growth rate = (current value – previous value) / (last cycle value) X 100%

growth rate: reaction is the trend of continuous changes in Data >

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