Put the station under control and make money under your eyes

how to do stand, do what website, estimation is the webmaster thinks most, is also the most conversation topic, snake snake Road, a turtle turtle Road, each cast skills, something different, although the results are not the same, but the result is the best indicator of action.

this is not a paper, just a moment of experience, so do not talk, nor go all out, you can give the respondents a little inspiration on the line. Don’t say I am soft, let alone I charge high. People who share their feelings with Admin5 will share it. Share others, share yourself, grow with each other. Don’t look at people with a critical eye.

put the station in control and made money under the eyelid. This is the title: what does the title mean?

in a word, do control freely. Do not passively do the station. A technology is not, there is no technical assistance of the master station, partial to rely on technology, it is very painful, you’d better use some of the existing CMS source code to do a server security point is not familiar, even the new server is rented, a figure is a few hundred g the data come, you busy? To stock and fund a little unfamiliar, see stocks and funds can make money immediately to engage in work? This is called the station under control. Are you able to control your website? Are you familiar with your users? Are you familiar with your website? This is going to take a deeper look.

etang give a few example, why is it closed? Because the new management of a network are not familiar with, so tens of millions cast to waste. In the grassroots website, and more similar to this, not familiar with the site, not familiar with the user, not familiar with the market. Take a look at the site of the landslide, look at the closed site, and study it more, and it’s also useful.

similarly, can not advance with the times, can not follow the current Internet users ideas, but also backward, easily failure. What’s in fashion now? Which direction is your user going to,


why do many literary websites slowly disappear, and why prose poetry websites do not get up, because Internet users gradually like to develop the novel.

grassroots years, every year there are several new highlights, seize the opportunity, on the wind, and did not seize the opportunity to flow upstream.

whether it is navigation, BT, film and television, novels, music, MTV, games, videos, forums, seize the opportunity to go up in the clouds, and quickly make big, often in the year or two.

what is popular this year? Non mainstream, I am unresponsive, I do not know what the non mainstream is, but many non mainstream of the rapid rise. A friend has done a www.fzlol.com, I have not yet understood why the behavior of these little girl called non mainstream, not called personality, but Baidu gave me some tips



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