What ways can mobile products make money


mobile Internet era is also a comprehensive arrival, how to use advertising this traditional mainstream profit model, so that mobile apps huge flow can be realized, and produce more commercial value, more and more worth studying. Our "mobile advertising research" research group has done all kinds of mobile applications dragnet research. As one of the members of the project, the current mainstream advertising mode of mobile apps has been combed.

advertising is a polarizing commodity. Advertisers and media love it because they can make money and do well to make a lot of money; ordinary users hate it and want it out of sight forever. So it’s challenging to make an ad that is not annoying, or even to make people like it. There are two differences between mobile advertising and PC advertising:

one, pay more attention to the audience experience

users mostly use mobile products to kill fragmentation time, resulting in lower user viscosity, products are more likely to be replaced. So the mobile advertising needs to do more clever, more subtle, more fun.

two, more accurate touch user

mobile product users are becoming more and more subdivision, vertical, so advertising can also more accurately positioning target audience. Coupled with more refined advertising effect tracking means, using data analysis to adjust creativity, enhance advertising effectiveness.

mobile products in the form of advertising can be divided into: brand activities, implantable advertising, Apps recommendations, points mall, situational shopping guide, interactive games and other categories, in which examples are illustrated.

1, brand activity

, this is the continuation of traditional PC advertising forms, the traditional banner advertising. It is also one of the most important forms of advertising for mobile products. Users tend to be accustomed to filtering such ads, but the choice of APP audience favorite brand collaboration, the effect may also be good. Example: aunt and vip.com users a high degree of coincidence, fashion beauty of young women is the advertising audience, polaroid is also likely to be a product of this group of people love the entity.


2, implant advertising,

placement ads are an innovative form of advertising in which external brands and mobile apps are customised and moderately exposed. Because of its advertising properties are not obvious, the user is not easy, easy to dislike, easy to bring word of mouth. Ink weather and Adidas have had similar cooperation, the effect is very good. The weather assistant cartoon characters in the product are carefully designed for adidas. In the cold winter, in the user often pays attention to the weather place, initiates everybody to go outdoors to move, has told a good story.


follows the high moral map of Lin Chiling voice navigation is also a classic implant marketing case.


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