The site’s revenue generating methods vary from station to station

is now ranked among the various SEO discussions, ranking and traffic estimation the most. This gives the new station long an illusion, do website, want is ranking, and then use rankings to bring traffic, but ignore the final purpose of the station – benefit.

now, the station of stationmaster hand, roughly divide into industry station, portal station, electric sale station, information station, enterprise station, forum and blog, etc.. For each type of station, the underlying means of profit are different.

industry stations are mostly League advertising or targeted advertising, because of its professionalism, often advertising single click price, or a time period, the price is higher than other stations. Therefore, under the same traffic, its advertising revenue is often higher than the average site. However, due to its professionalism, a keyword index is not too high, the flow is also difficult than the general site.

portal station for small Adsense, mostly in local portal. The basic viewing groups, focused on local people or living in the local people, so a lot of local portal station, will find some local businesses, do some local advertising on the site, in order to maximize advertising revenue.

electric selling station is selling things, not direct profits, that is, commission, this is nothing to say.

information station, because of its wide coverage, and can add a variety of content, so the flow is generally high. However, because of its relatively large flow groups, traffic quality is generally not high, the majority of its advertising revenue is to win by quantity. Of course, if it is a garbage information station, in order to achieve maximum use of traffic, will join the pop-up ads, do not care about the user experience.

Enterprise Station on traffic demand will not be very high, because of its strong pertinence, conversion rate is very high, so in the few traffic wars, its cost is not low.

forum is a place for discussion, it is the most necessary to pay attention to the user experience, the need for content management, but also the need for strong visibility of the interface. Therefore, the advertising interface layout, content, quantity should have a good grasp of the forum, in order to have relatively large revenue, traffic needs to be large enough. In order to keep improving, some other activities are needed to expand the impact.

blog is a special, often bring intangible income, advertising revenue is generally not the focus of blog earnings, and its focus is more often on influence, popularity or purely personal notes.

to sum up, various types of websites, according to their characteristics, reasonable looking for income points. For example, if you do a forum, plus pop ads, is undoubtedly the short-sighted actions Dutch act. Welcome to my fashion network to see.

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