Stationmaster looking for our poetic dwelling

              the station is now the manual work, we should all know, building a website in just a few minutes, or even tens of thousands of stations can be built in a day, that is rubbish station, without any meaning. Our website is simple, but the development is to do, whether it is rubbish station or normal station, this winter to our stationmaster is cold, we all feel that, what should we do, how do we face? We again how to do? I think we as a webmaster one should think of the problem.

is a website built up has its reason, the reason for its existence is to a certain extent, the site occupation webmaster of the soul, bitterness and pain which only we know, each rise and cold is already familiar with the unfamiliar It is quite common for, we have experienced. The development of the website is long-term, around a theme, no matter how to change, we believe we have the idea of my building is the movie station, Baidu included many webmaster have experienced change radically, this taste, under different circumstances we have to do is feel should get. You can say I can stand in Baidu ranked in the home page, you need to do, try to do, get, do not like the others, even if you do not flow down, also want to stick to them, often not very often in winter, spring will soon feel this kind of pay it is worth it, because we have our goal, is our direction, we have no other theme! – professional! This is our station of the capital, is the head of the crystal may inadvertently me! They found that the sense of accomplishment will quietly come, finish a day, quietly in front of his computer, click on your own website, that feeling is wonderful, as if holding a lover’s hand, we won’t let go! Look at their own distinctive theme website, between the heart always inadvertently think of others to think, that kind of mood may want to completely, and then at night when a person and love forever to modify the website nothings! Has perfect it, so that in the major search engines to show it, to understand it in the public eye! "Perfect" for the owners concerned seems to become a "poetry", "poetic" interpretation is the webmaster has been pursuing……

there are webmaster said, site is to grasp the station itself, this is really good, the existence of a thing, there are always reasons for its existence, but in the long-term development, will encounter unimaginable difficulties. Garbage stations, we are all familiar with, those who are proficient in SEO webmaster, is to search the engine playing in applause between, flow perhaps for them, there is no imagination. The development of the site after I am not sure what should be the direction, but at least should not be a light and should be a permanent Aura! Do public service station the station is on duty, the development direction is to consider the stationmaster station. Site is not station >

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