Summary of experience and lessons of network promotion

suddenly found herself in the Internet industry for about 4 years, various stations have done a lot, but no one actually persist, blame, all of the original site was built in order to verify his a promotion way is feasible, then the experience of using it in practical work below I combine these years, talk about a variety of ways to promote the practical experience in a variety of ways to promote and experience.

, Forum promotion, Forum promotion to tell the truth, or has the effect in the previous two years, but the last one or two years the popularity of the forum more stringent checks, a web site with the article almost deleted in the release instantly, can bring traffic is really poor, some forum devoted advertisers the layout, but you can notice, browse to this section, most of them are advertising, let them at your web site, hard ah. Therefore, the Forum promotion is now thankless.

two, Baidu knows, Sina asked promotion, yes, in the above techniques to make good use of the impact is very obvious, can we understand the same rigorous audit, need to be cautious, not careful can even hurt the site itself, the negative impact of the site is relatively large. Do this promotion, support the death of the bold, starve, timid is a more appropriate description.


mail promotion, this would not have to say, now anti spam mail system is doing relatively well, but most people now on the mailbox is a clear purpose, go see the message you want to see on the withdrawal, for a lot of mail is not to look at it deleted now, this is only for registered members or the activation of members of the some notice, pure advertising, suggest mail title plus AD, everyone worry ah.

four, SMS promotion, rich webmaster can do, but for the new station is free, sent out a message, can bring effect is 1/10000 hits, this is my company’s resource utilization experiment, 500 thousand bulk SMS, with 500 registered users not to. Let the boss a lesson, miserable ah.

five, software brush IP, self deception, is simply not on the road, and looked at their brush thousands of IP, no sense of accomplishment, a stop, and restored to the poor two digit number.

six, Links and site navigation, this can be tried in the same site, the effect is good, generally the same type of website, the user type is the same, in view of the website of the other side, also point to your website to see what different content, but the need for better popularity ah otherwise, how will people do the webmaster to link. For relatively high traffic site navigation is also applicable.

seven, advertising, this is how much money to do, how many things, how much investment can bring much traffic, the effect is obvious, applicable to enterprise behavior. But to do this is to divide

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