Web User Research four considerations for practitioners


[editor’s note] this article reprinted from micro-blog UDC, the author is @ Shen Yong, a dream. The author has been focusing on the user experience of the Internet since he came into contact with user research in 2004.

now, as a colleague and colleague, the author wishes to share some of his usual personal thoughts with others. What are the core values of user research? How do you reflect it? Does it have a special status in the design team? What are the features of the responsibility?

What is the core value of

1. user research?

user research represents only users.

in our work, consciously or unconsciously, will be partners must cues, such as some products, especially hope to get affirmation, or your relationship and good designers do not support what is plan.

but if one day, when our neutral position changes, those who ask us to support today may doubt our objectivity tomorrow. So, no matter who our boss or our friends are, remember that we speak only to users on behalf of the group and to insist on their rights for users.

What is the value of

2. user research,


doesn’t see, it doesn’t happen.

do you remember the feeling of performance interview? Do you try to prove your job performance, but I can tell you that the result of a single interview is very little?.

when I had the opportunity to listen to other people’s work reports to evaluate others, I was prompted by the following thoughts:

first of all, my imagination and time are not enough, so it’s hard to imagine and experience your hard work and effort in a project just through words.

secondly, in the business environment, we all have top-down organizational goals that need to be achieved, so I will be more concerned about your impact on organizational goals. It is likely that my organizational goals are largely dependent on the degree of achievement of your goals.

finally, I evaluate a person more by the usual accumulation and the impression of a critical point of time. I’m sorry, I don’t have time to look around. I believe the boss’s time is more diffuse.

so I have some suggestions:

A to strengthen the results of ordinary presentation, we must pay attention to the usual details. A little bit of a feeling may be decided by the details that you don’t pay attention to.

B strengthens performance at critical time points and key players. 20-80 principles, many places apply, we can much experience.

C you’re not just working for a leader, you’re working for yourself. All your actions today

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