10 years of the nternet three of the storm road barely live

, my 1998

said I should really be in the Internet is from the beginning of April 1999, and since then, I have to Chinese Internet work, never left a day, a lot of things, a lot of people, many companies also remember from that time only. Since it is written for 10 years, I still reluctantly organized the following recorded 1998 text, the real wind and rain (wonderful) should be left in 1999 to tell you.

More than 8

in the evening of January 2, 1998, I set foot on the train home, and thought he would go back to the familiar Xi’an high streets and back lanes soon, but this is not goodbye, no, ten years, I would like to Xi’an in memory now is certainly no longer, a wall as well as the year of life was some of the shadow, but had been blurred


in January 4, 1998, after more than 28 hours trek home, finally presented in front of every tree and bush, the southern sky, sunny, sunny, swaying in the wind in the leaves, like welcome to my friends and the smile! The beautiful, my hometown is more beautiful, known as "haoshanhaoshui scenery" (there are many friends travel to Phoenix Town, the past invited me, but I rejected, the reason is very simple: in my hometown can also experience the real original ecological landscape and bridges and people! It is not self self touted, if has the opportunity, we most Adsense money, in my hometown to organize a party webmaster and tourism, such as feeling scenery is not good webmaster, I am willing to accept any punishment " "!). Back to my hometown in the past year, I was looking for high school and junior high school students to have a good time. But this time, I didn’t disturb anyone, so I quietly returned to my parents. About the future of the road of life, they are my chief of staff " "! For a newly graduated students, took the first step (first choice), especially important to the election, the election does not, the road flat, a storm.

that year the Spring Festival comes early (in memory should be 28 January Lunar New Year’s day), my parents in my choice of the road, not much interest, but not a good day to defy the Ming, boring at home, in a daze, closed her thoughts. That day, the weather is good, I rode a bike, along the road (that is around the city, the actual is ten miles long) walk aimlessly around the city to the west, the car on the right road, the post office (at that time and also no separation) even have a home next to the bar with an air of importance in this small city. Is beyond my imagination, I spent five minutes on my trip around the city, (the Internet still, but I have never been visited). Back home, I think of a person, my brother (by Pro), the three handle when the post office, my dad and my uncle and his relationship is very good, I have a little knowledge and experience in the restaurant website, organize their own language and thought, my thoughts and my dad said I >

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