How to use color psychology to improve the rate of website conversion choose the right color for


colors can have a significant impact on people’s attitudes and emotions. When our eyes see a color when the region is called the hypothalamus will receive the corresponding information in the brain, and then a series of signals are sent to the pituitary, thyroid and endocrine system. The thyroid gland signals the release of hormones after receiving the signal, causing mood and mood swings and eventually triggering behavior.

QuickSprout’s findings show that 90% of product evaluations incorporate color into them. "Color," says Neal Patel, an analyst at ·. "When you decide to buy a particular product, 85% of it comes from color."." Similarly, the color of the site will have an impact on the conversion rate, which is an obvious fact, then look at this article, ready to go all out.

our bottom line is: choose the right colors to make a success.

what is color psychology?

in order to better understand the techniques mentioned below, you’d better start by understanding some of the information related to color psychology.

color psychology is a discipline that studies how colors affect human behavior. Color psychology is, in fact, a branch of the field of behavioral psychology. In brief, it is a rather complex field. Because of the difficulties of theoretical tests, some skeptics are even contemptuous of the whole color psychology. In the field of color psychology, my own research, as mentioned in the article, lacks scientific evidence to support every argument. But there is no reason to dismiss the color as a profound and undeniable effect on people.

Some key facts in

color psychology are undeniable. In a peer-reviewed journal articles, the author Sadiyandela · Singer pointed out that the customer of a commodity form view takes only 90 seconds. And 62%-90%’s interaction comes only from the color of the product itself.

color psychology is business owners, business managers, architects, gardeners, chefs, product designers, packaging designers, shop owners, even for the newborn baby room layout parents must learn lessons. Colour is decisive, and our success depends on the use of colour.

where should we use color,


let’s go back to this article. Because colors are everywhere, we need to know where to put these little tips into use. This article will discuss the application of color in website design. Specifically, we are discussing the color scheme for the site, which will include the head chart, title type, border, background, buttons, and color options for the pop-up window.

in the following example, N>

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