Analysis of how to obtain its own operating website promotion methods

to website operation success, and ultimately promotion, many websites even if the content is well done, just like a wine has a unique wine, but in the deep cause no No one shows any interest in, customers to patronize, the site does not flow, it will always be with profit insulation, but in the network operation and due to the popularization and promotion, because only allow access to the website, but there is no corresponding conversion rate, this promotion is still not able to meet our needs of the operation of the site, so the author thinks that, in order to improve the website promotion, it would have to create their own unique mode of promotion.


can promote to the unique mode of their own nature? Not just imagination, a unique innovation promotion model, based on Web based has unique attributes, the following is to make a specific analysis.

: a website should pay attention to three (segmentation, features, characteristics and special


now more and more webmaster have realized follow station risk, beginning in the website before, do a deep thinking, this is a good phenomenon, at least, the webmaster website now has become more rational, of course, is more reasonable, but also because once follow the profit decision change station first, in the wave of the Internet wave hit, then any copycat websites will have a good profit, because the Internet later winter, a large number of dead wind sites, has affected the website now, now follow the trend has been difficult to obtain profits, the greater the investment, the greater the loss, it is this interest decision the rational thinking of the webmaster.

but unfortunately, many webmaster in rational thinking, or accidentally entered the site of misunderstanding, always inseparable from the establishment of the website to follow the trend of barriers, such as local portal sites to make money now, so many people have entered the ranks of the local portal, although some of the website name changed to the local information network, the local tourism network. Local real estate network, but ultimately can’t get out of the local portal mode, always put the local industry site, into a higher grade local portal, this large scale for ideas, determine the owners from the beginning of the operation has been doomed to fail.

is for local sites, industry segmentation is indeed a kind of innovative ideas, but to put this idea into practice, don’t want to think more if integration, but subdivision, do website 3-turn in industry segments inside, characteristics, and special features, it can really get a batch of their own loyal fans this kind of website, can on the basis of expanding benefits.

two: Three Web site should be how to do

their own way of promotionIn fact,

‘s own website has three characteristics, it has been stated that you have done with the wine brewing technology, the rest of this wine is how to better spread, not to spend too much marketing costs, but also can obtain the brand extension is.

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