Local portals usher in new opportunities O2O model

right now, the concept of O2O is very hot, and some local websites are seeing this opportunity to start attacking the model. O2O, that is, Online, To, Offline, and also the next line of business opportunities combined with the Internet, so that the Internet has become a front line trading offline. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale.

although the O2O model for local portals is a big cake, but want to successfully eat the cake is not an easy thing. In the early Internet model, we know that the B2B (Business, To, Business) model is now maturing, and most businesses have been profitable or successful through this difficult path. B2B (Business To Business) is a kind of Internet market, and it is the marketing relationship between enterprises and enterprises. It combines the intranet with the customer through the B2B website, and provides better service to the customers through the quick response of the network, so as to promote the business development of the enterprise.

in the new O2O mode, the webmaster friends can achieve through this model, the success of the site? In this tense situation, the local portal site in addition to operate their own O2O, there are also some sites began to try to cooperate with Taobao, public comment and three party platform, the platform operation or agent the local station also runs its own website, in this respect, should be a process of mutual benefit and win-win, the best way is to complement each other, to jointly develop the market, and the business stickiness into their own platform, have good circulation, in the closed door practice, should pay attention to social marketing. In this new model, how should the webmaster take the chance to change the fate of the website? Can they eat the cake?


A5 (http://s.admin5.com) editor believes that for local portals, O2O mode is really a good platform, local portal, affirmation of this whole place is more familiar, familiar with its history and culture, humanistic environment, local people living habits and so on, to understand the local customs, the website can really do. The real convenience for everyone, to achieve satisfactory reputation, but also naturally get everyone’s support. What’s the best way to make people feel good about it and make a public praise for our website?

usually we can find part of the reason is that our webmaster’s understanding of local attributes has not been profound enough, which shows that we do not know enough about the place. At first, we described the term "customization" as "customization, non standardization, and bulk commodities". However, this does not clearly indicate the localization of the core. Local websites are mainly supported by life, service and consumption

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