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(Part one)

7. pictures using

adding images may reduce conversion rates. I’ve done several A/B tests and found that the clickable pictures on the home page would reduce the total amount of registration (even for a 30 day visit, as well as the previously accessed data). I think Pinterest knows that, so it doesn’t allow users to skip key actions such as the application invitation page (


note at the bottom of the page map carousel plugin. They are not clickable, so users don’t jump from the registration start page. In my experience, if the pictures are clickable, the email address submission rate of the page is estimated to be down by 5%. I have tested the logout page can click on the picture and click on the picture, in each case, do not click the photo conversion to 5%-7%, and the test group of users and the quality control group of users is consistent.

images can also be used to increase conversion rates. One of the words in online marketing is "Chicks get clicks" (the vulgar phrase "porn has a market"). Ion interactive, a consultancy, conducted a test for a game company and found that the conversion rate of the following design was 35% higher than the same design without emphasizing breast.


this is the two tested landing page, and the registration rate on the right side is more than 35%:



that doesn’t mean all websites should put half naked girls on the landing page (whether real or virtual). Because this approach obviously applies only to game developers. Zynga, for example, has used this technique successfully in game ads such as the Mafia War.

, but generally speaking, there are a few points to drive through the image conversion rate, especially for sales of product sites:

uses high-quality clip art to avoid looking cheap pictures


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