The growth of a city view micro blog

I operate a localized theme micro-blog: @ Ji’nan view group, here through the record of its own operation of a little experience, and we explore the city micro-blog operating methods and techniques.

brief introduction: This is a long ago to register a trumpet, brush 5000 fans, renamed change avatar, is @ Ji’nan view group of the prototype. After a month of operations, done two city activities, won the real fans 1600+ growth. And bring 600+ fans to WeChat.


originally envisioned it like this:


positioning: Ji’nan local viewing organization; micro-blog content: City activities and movie information; development plan: two months of the four city activities, do 2000 really powder, WeChat really do 500 powder; long-term goal: Ji’nan is the largest city viewing groups.

in fact, a month has been basically achieved, or even partially exceeded expectations. Among them, the first city activities (forwarded sweepstakes free viewing activities) access to 300+ forwarding and 78 thousand exposure; second activities were 700+ times forwarding and 120 thousand exposure.

currently receives 30-50 new powders a day during the break, and gets 100-200 new powders a day during the event. There is reason to believe that if you organize an event once a week, fans should increase their speed more quickly than they do now.


powder: 1) 2) draw forwarding mutual powder that mutual powder should be accurate, I choose the number of cinemas in micro-blog and micro-blog account of the latest competition fans as the target object, should pay attention to while leaving invite comments.

WeChat powder way: currently only consider the drainage from micro-blog, to avoid WeChat share, bring competitors malicious reporting. Micro-blog from two aspects: 1) viewing activities micro-blog told WeChat may participate in the "big wheel", 2) due to the rapid growth of new fans, fans send private messages to announce activities and prompted WeChat alone sweepstakes. At most a day, WeChat added more than 170 fans.

long term planning: six months, 5000 real micro-blog fans; 2000 real WeChat fans. City activities, in addition to free viewing activities, coupled with a more forced view of the film salon and other forms of offline activities, to create a vibrant, emotional viewing organizations.


1) clear positioning, universal theme is an important factor in attracting fans;

2) free, forever is the patched gimmick;

3) micro-blog private letter, is the best way to promote WeChat; the big wheel is the best way to attract attention to the WeChat


4) minimum trial and error principle: can copy not original, first copy after the original. Simple, uncomplicated, simple, complex.

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