Tomb Sweeping Day we do not rest


Tomb-sweeping Day first holiday? Not to Tomb-sweeping Day many workers in the inventory of holiday good to walk along for a while; retired old cadres prepared with grandchildren to the grave; some service industry employees demand for work is not a holiday and indignant. There are a group of people, silently lying in front of the computer, completely ignored the festival, has long forgotten such a holiday. They are not chatting online girls, nor are they online young people. But ten years, like a day of grass roots webmaster.

never sleeps, sleeps, sleeps, and wakes up in their minds. In their minds, there is no so-called "statutory holiday", I remember a friend called the computer room, adding a hard disk, the room staff said that after the festival, and then added. He smiled blankly, asked what festival, the other said tomorrow is new year’s day. He came back, and the year had passed.

today Admin5 found Tomb-sweeping Day to use Baidu Search, found a lot of people in the arrangement of Tomb-sweeping Day how to better survive; thousands of large websites are hosted online offering martyrs create Chinese soul, "mourning the dead, the memory of their ancestors, their thoughts, but also the use of the holiday to expand their influence. Only to find that they should do something, in general, should follow the family to sweep graves, but a thousand miles away from home. Or give yourself a holiday, put down by Baidu K station mood, put down Google issued slowly, depressed, happy through the tomb sweeping day.

walked to his house and saw the adults flying kites in the square with their children. Think of this at home will be followed his father to the grave, back when father bark to make me a small suona blowing a ring, then feel the happiest child. Father worked hard for a lifetime, so far has not stopped the hands of the work, looking at his bald head, thinking of his twenties, and can not contribute anything to the family. The tree wants stillness, but the wind does not stop. Good fear, good fear, fear


eyes acid ran home, yesterday to the unfinished site haihun Tibetan mastiff immediately. Long long ago Potala Palace produced a plague on the verge of death or destruction, when a group of wearing robes, Buddha Zen bell riding hand to save the Tibetan mastiff. People think that the Tibetan mastiff is Buddha angel sent to protect the herders, called Tianshan dog. Good hope is "Tibetan mastiff" to protect the family from suffering to graves tim. Have to redouble their efforts to pay homage to the deceased ancestors and help friends and relatives around.

very crazy believe is very selfish, call graph king webmaster of patriotism and national spirit, the memory of national heroes in the valiant record, vigorously carry forward the spirit of patriotism. Can be very crazy, but firmly believe in playing their own small abacus, forget the country after the first home. Be very crazy believe know that a powerful country is made up of a rich family, very crazy believe yourself aware not as national affairs, only to do their part to make a better life for their families, their own happiness to everyone around.


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