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wants to talk about below is not how to do friendship link with other website, also be not how to get high quality link.

Links today and we talk about other things, this is not what matters, but some website owners do not pay attention to doing things, so I really want to mention this matter, I do not know my friends met this kind of situation, you and the other station do Links, until one day you go to see his station, above your link has all gone, how also can not see, then the Q station, then he will tell you: you stand the PR value low, afraid of their own PR station is also reduced, so as to remove Links. So, in advance don’t even say hello to you for you to delete, I PR not ascend, you up, so what, you can make no reply to others link to remove


so you are a man of integrity, the next time someone else dare you stand Links? You can cheat a person, you can cheat two people, but this has been a fool, can be a long time? Remember someone said 58 city is a liar, cheat the novice to the station long. Delete the link without notice and so on, you imagine, 58 city sites to do better, but you will not credit, then who on your website.

I say this is not to say you can’t delete other links, but at least you notice people ahead of it, you do a good website, collected more than page, see people drop by PR, search engine K, you can not sound to others of my "delete link? For (" was the Baidu K, I delete links most of the people choose not to notice directly deleted, but there is a webmaster, he will inform me in advance, Q said: "feel shy, you stand by K, but had to put the link you deleted, will have the opportunity to do link. This is not good? Why not other webmaster like the webmaster, delete links to delete deleted will open, it was very harmonious most willing to, you must do the thing, we are not happy, if you meet the rookie is okay, thought not, if you have a master, he would you stand on all links to become his links to let you change is very difficult to come back.

said this thing, just want to once again remind you webmaster friends, to be honest, do stand more so, whether you and your station now how small, as long as we put the mentality, the word first, with our hard and insist in doing a Links turn the heart of a friend, one day we will do good


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