Confessions of a failed stationmaster

I’m a total loser. The fate of the grassroots is uncertain.

2003 I began to contact the computer, when it is read, is one of the students taught me to surf the Internet, help me apply for a QQ, then I have a computer and indissoluble bound, every day to go to Internet cafes to watch his QQ there is no news. I really contacted the site in 2004, an occasional opportunity to apply for a free space on a web site. So madly in love with the website, every Friday night must be all night, add articles, pictures to the website. To the senior three is no exception, but my academic record has been all the time, I always ranked 5 in the class. Last year I entered the college entrance examination in Huaihua University, the village is the first to go to college. When choosing a volunteer, I did not hesitate to choose the computer major. Came to the University, after the completion of tuition, there is not much left, but fortunately, one of the seniors introduced me to the computer city leaflets. At that time, it happened to be military training, so after I finished the military training, I still had to finish sending the flyers task. I went to the classroom at night and looked at the 30 pages of the webpage produced by me. I came out of the country and suffered a lot from less. It makes no sense to be tired as long as you can make money. After the military training, it was 10. 1 National Day, I stayed in the school computer room for 7 days. Completed his first stop – to navigate the website. At that time, no experience, see hao123 can earn money, making up is also very simple, so it modeled a. After a few weeks, I took out 200 pieces of living expenses and bought a space. At that time, I didn’t know anything about space or domain name, but then I became more familiar with it.

but don’t mention how happy you are to see what you have done online. Those days, excited meals do not want to eat, every day in the school computer room to change the site, sometimes in the evening to go out all night, everyone said his station. But the traffic was very small at that time, and it was also the beginning of my failure.

freshman almost did not take any classes, the examination suspended 2 subjects.

to the second semester, but has been in the management and add some content, and no longer do stand, because of fear and the first kind of failure, but a web browser Web pages. Indulge in the inside, study other people’s station, then have bought a computer.

year in the past, and feel that their greatest achievement is to have a girlfriend. She appeared next to me like an angel, and gave me courage in my lowest life.

did not go home during the summer vacation, found a job outside, and studied with a master for a summer free with php.

into the second, worse, my mother was diagnosed with cancer of the nasal passages, when I know the news from her aunt there, tears… In October 13th, my father accompanied my mother to Hunan cancer hospital for treatment. Fortunately, my mother had a lighter one, but she was still more than 30 thousand. She was recently released from the hospital and had to take the medicine every day. The family is in debt, too.

so I don’t, too

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