Analysis of the so called new SEO technology you lost in the pit

is busy and doesn’t write blogs for a long time. There is a little happy to share some of his friend told me from one place to the SEO Canon last night, after my analysis, that is invalid, after a friend’s consent, he decided to write an article, perhaps many people can be rescued out of the pit? (this view may affect your SEO world view, whether to support or Paizhuan, please carefully)

one. One of the so-called new SEO Technology: magic magic chain, the user cycle click, easy to improve keyword search and ranking,


, please have a look at this website,

,, ct=2097152& tn=bds& sts=&; bs=%C0%F1%CE%EF& f=8& rsv_bp=1& wd=SEO

open this URL, and we can see


we found, search SEO, return the results page is actually all Xiamen SEO page.

, let’s look at the normal search SEO



yes, observant people have discovered the problem. Why are the two search results different? The secret is in URL.

normal:, wd=SEO& rsv_spt=1& issp=1& rsv_bp=0&; ie=utf-8& tn=baiduhome_pg& rsv_sug3=1

case:, ct=2097152& tn=bds& sts=&; bs=%C0%F1%CE%EF& f=8& rsv_bp=1& wd=SEO

how to implement: you just need to change to your address URL, and then when you search for any keywords, the results are returned to your web site.

called new SEO technology practices: when the article appears in the website target keywords, use case site to do keyword hyperlinks, the user guide to Baidu search page, at this time is equivalent to the user search >

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