Classified information portal information explosion rational return in the industry

Internet has become an integral part of the daily life of the public, whether it is to talk about business online, or to obtain business opportunities through data inquiries, everything becomes convenient and fast. From the emergence of search engines to the emergence of classified information, it has become a sign of the development of network information from passive mass to active and rational choice. And for a sector of the industry classification of fine differentiation, websites are endless, the future of the Internet is calling the market refined era coming. In this background, classified information website "to regional sites as the main line of the Tianjin secondary network" ( came into being, information segments and professional, make effective information and communication industry value is to improve the quality of.

classification information is the product of the progress of the Internet information age. The network has gathered vast amounts of information and spread very quickly. In the face of information coming to our information for many times, and then accept the judgment, this process is very easy to produce fatigue, so the classification of information is absolutely good return in the network information age of reason. A variety of information in accordance with the classification of good, so that people need to actively seek, in the acceptance will not lead to resentment, but also to reflect the significance and value of information dissemination. "Tianjin second-hand net" is according to the classified information website of the area, he classified information in the region all covered, was known as the "Tianjin secondary market portal", Tianjin is the local exchange platform.

classified information is very broad industry in Tianjin, second-hand network as an example, it includes second-hand housing, second-hand car, second-hand appliances, fight off, second-hand computer, digital products, second-hand second-hand furniture, the small class marriage wedding. Other accessories, machinery and so on, is subdivided into many small classes, each small class is the corresponding business information, from Tianjin, covering all parts of Tianjin.

used network in Tianjin is not the first one to do local classification information website, but the research on the network information by virtue of the bright younger generation, years of in-depth understanding of the market, and the information industry are the vertical and horizontal mining. According to the expert analysis: "this kind of information segments of the industry portal, network information will lead to a good transformation of traditional industries, relying on the network for the exchange of information, is no longer the assault style swarmed, but the beginning of a rational arrangement, targeted communication, will reflect the information of the maximum business value."

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