Stationmaster should make clear the target and position of the website before doing

webmaster, what should I do? Is there a right way? By some of my personal experiences, puts forward some opinions and small webmaster said: ­

1, target ­

first of all, you have to know what you do and what you do for the most part. In order to hobbies or to make money, entrepreneurship?. I do the goal of the station is to make money, I hope to accumulate certain capital through the network, do more and go farther. If you want to make money through the Internet, then maybe your life will be tough. ­

two, direction ­

, you need to find a direction, that is, planners often say " locate ". Say something popular. What project do you want to make and what station do you have?. I do not say how to find the location, this everyone’s eyes are different, and in fact, because of the difference of interest and vision, there will be a variety of websites presented in front of Internet users. What I want to say is that when you have a direction, what you need most is to stick to it. You will feel very tired and even lose confidence in your direction after staying in one direction for a long time. What I’m trying to say is, unless you really find a better, more promising project, or do you really think there’s no future in this direction?. Otherwise, do not give up easily. In fact, each direction of the station can do it, as long as the Internet can meet the needs of the station, there is a reason to exist and the market. ­

three, with plans. ­

in front of the computer really time is fast, and sometimes this look at that, see nothing dry, a day passed. I used to work for a foreign company, then I felt bored and didn’t make myself free. After quitting my job, I stayed at home every day. In the twinkling of an eye, half a year has passed, and there is still no great achievement to this day. ­

so you have to make a plan for yourself, what you want to accomplish in the long run, what you do today, and what you do tomorrow. Otherwise, the time will really pass silently, and let people decadent. ­

four, the way out of the site; ­

if you want to make your station bigger, you must find a way to success for him. Through continuous publicity and promotion to get more traffic, to bring more income, further investment and operation, or to do a certain amount of traffic to sell. In fact, when the traffic on the site reaches a certain point, many business opportunities have already happened to you. Analyze your sources of traffic, analyze their needs, and better meet their needs. Your station will be further developed. All you have to do is make your station more valuable. ­

five, team issues, ­

there are 1-2 teams on many personal websites. If you want to make your career a team, you don’t have to

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