Tencent entrepreneurial base settled in Wuhan the first batch of entrepreneurial team officially se

these are not received money, still desperately struggling in the bottle at the new person ~ ~ how to solve this problem, only on their own, more see, listen to more exchanges, don’t understand, use the search engine to find. Network resources are so rich that there is almost nothing you can’t find, including some so-called top secret data. Emphasize again: sh419, shlf1314 and other search engines is your best teacher!

why technical thinking people are unable to break through this bottleneck? Technology is unable to break through because only mastered the most basic level of technology, can not reach the new state requirements; the main reason is unable to break through the thinking only a small clever lack of wisdom.

, vice president of Tencent open platform and mobile application platform, Hou Xiaonan,

Tencent base Wuhan is located in B, Optics Valley creative industry base in East Lake District of Wuhan city. The whole creative industry base has a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere and excellent entrepreneurial environment. Tencent entrepreneurial base Wuhan phase I office area of more than 1500 square meters, with more than 150 open type station, equipped with >

Tencent business base is Tencent integration of internal and government resources for entrepreneurs to provide online + offline one-stop business services, is committed to creating a comprehensive and integrated entrepreneurial dream incubator. Tencent settled entrepreneurial base of the entrepreneurial team can enjoy six business exposure traffic support, multi platform openness, liquidity foster entrepreneurship cost sharing, knowledge and training system, physical resources to support, policy support.

Wuhan government strongly supports a number of policies to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship

these specific performance, for example: shlf1314, K and union do K, the previous method does not work; there is the site due to improper operation, search engine K station depilates, traffic plummeted, income also disappeared; there is the use of some techniques to do the product, suddenly one day together >

there is one kind of technical, many do not know how to learn, master the basic knowledge and skills of the network, or learn for half a day will not, this is one of them. There is a way of thinking, always miss the point. For example, no traffic, no traffic, no money. Advertising revenues are always small or nothing at all.

The 3 and third phases of

online acceleration line to support Tencent entrepreneurial base one-stop service

specifically, Tencent settled entrepreneurial base project will enjoy the lowest 500 thousand traffic exposure support system of Tencent chain resources, account system and other Tencent the ability cultivation of open access, wide point profit cashability, Tencent cloud resources relief subsidies, support resources Tencent developer salon, business base open day, Tencent open class entrepreneurial knowledge and training resources including office space, tax incentives, innovation and entrepreneurship award fund, line. In addition, start-ups can also receive preferential policies from local governments to further support and support the growth of entrepreneurs.

the entrance and middle of the gourd are narrow. The 2 parts are narrow, the middle part and the bottom protruding part are larger, and the bottom is bigger than the middle part. The bottleneck of narrow places on behalf of Wangzhuan big place, projecting your experience and income. It is a true portrayal of a higher process and income from the entrance to the bottom.



September 22nd, Tencent opening base Wuhan opening day and opening ceremony in Wuhan East Lake Development Zone, Optics Valley creative industry base held a grand. Hou Xiaonan, deputy general manager of Tencent’s open platform and mobile application platform, opened the joint venture with a number of leaders of the Wuhan municipal government for the opening of the Tencent business base Wuhan. Tencent entrepreneurial base Wuhan will integrate resources through the line + offline to help developers incubation dream of entrepreneurship. "Looking for you to play", "campus second-hand Street" etc. first settled in the Wuhan local entrepreneurial team also in the open day at the roadshow, to show their entrepreneurial ideas and innovative achievements of guests to the site through the wonderful presentation and interaction.

you should have seen the gourd, why process and income Wangzhuan like this shape, listen to me slowly analysis.

are the most difficult and the second bottlenecks. The main situation is that income can not break through, and many have gone back. There are more people who can’t break through this bottleneck. It contains people with technology and thinking.


Tencent entrepreneurial base Wuhan awarding ceremony

1, the first stage first look at the entrance of the bottle gourd, the equivalent of an entry-level contact Wangzhuan, this bottleneck is the basic network for absolutely ignorant of the novice, at present a lot of people do not break the bottleneck.

There are several

2, followed by the first bulge of the gourd, represents a process that has broken through the first bottleneck and generated revenue. For example, according to certain methods to do shlf1314, Adsense, sub – or other advertising alliance generated revenue, or in Taobao, eBay and other transactions, there are some small gains, such as ~~

at the launch ceremony, the Tencent open platform and mobile application platform deputy general manager Hou Xiaonan said, "the Tencent is committed to open platform for entrepreneurs to create an open, high quality and a full range of Internet innovation ecosystem, and the Tencent business base Online + offline support mode will provide practical help for developers, to help developers achieve business dream, Tencent entrepreneurial base Wuhan welcomed the local entrepreneurial team to enter."

how much of this income is small, and more than tens of thousands of income is close to a thousand?. At this time, you will be immersed in joy and hope for the future. This is the third stage.

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