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in fact, from the beginning of the Taobao customer, the sort of comprehensive API site is going in the wrong direction, even if sh419 does not K out of the station, this is pure garbage station, can not see any value, you also have some Taobao content, Taobao, no, you are not. The content is highly similar and does not have any other valuable information. At the same time, a large number of similar API sites repeat the same content, and such sites are no wonder that sh419 is considered worthless trash pages. Of course, there is no denying that, before sh419 has yet to API surgery, such sites from sh419 and other search engines to obtain traffic, really earned some money.


we think, do Taobao customers, if in the essence of a sentence to sum up, so should be summed up: in the shortest possible time, let users through links into Taobao. Because of this, before the API although the content is no nutrition, but as long as there is traffic, you can earn money. As long as you click your link into Taobao, your task is completed, and as for whether he will buy something, you can not decide. It doesn’t seem so hard.

pop-up ads rate above 80%, the price is high, the pop-up rate is high, and the 18 ad often update, windows and the skin can be replaced freely, always ensure that your site fresh. But pop ads does not contain trojan virus is not spam porn!

today, I recommend to you a pop Alliance: Qi run

· with a large number of diverse advertisers, advertising more choice. · new advertising model, flexible, independent, code hosting features convenient, more time-saving. · advertising system is simple and easy to use powerful, accurate tracking performance statistics system, settlement system timely and accurately, intuitive and reliable.

· 7 days short payment cycle, more accurate and timely. · fair, fair competition environment, transaction information completely open. · perfect the pattern and process, effectively protect their interests. Now in the pop-up ads webmaster attention: don’t say never heard of "Qi Yun", word of mouth is quite good now, the same flow rate is twice as high as in "Qi Yun" price.

and the audit standard is very low, basically all sites can be approved. To make money in action! Come and rob!!!

Qi run is an old advertising alliance! Has established cooperative relationship with thousands of websites advertising media, every request amounted to 90 million times. Compared with other pop, the price will have a qualitative leap, do not believe that just try it on. It has been over 100 weeks according to the Commission reached a settlement! Payment amount, do not have to apply, Qi run automatically by bank transfer payment to Zhou Ersan.


current online shopping channels are four kinds of search, one is to remember the web site, direct access to Taobao, pat and other shopping sites. Two familiar with the B2C web site, direct access to common B2C sites, such as Jingdong, such as new. The three is to search from sh419 and other search engines to search directly the specific name of the product, to find suitable products from the search results and buy, four is seen from other websites or channels of information, also, is a common form of advertising advertising for the purchase, this is not the only one. Taobao guest API website will fall into third categories.

is based on this point, we see a lot of Taobao off site users click on Taobao customers use unscrupulous divisive tactics forced links, such as mouse click on any site, would be the first to enter the Taobao customer links, such as web page is closed, a bomb is directly back page >


Taobao launched off for several years, recently there have been some people bad mouthing off Taobao, Taobao customers considered worrisome prospect, does not have the potential for further development, a lot of stationmaster began to switch to Taobao customers, on the other hand, Taobao itself has launched Taobao search, let the living space more and more small Taobao customers more and more pressure. Although this view has some truth, but some are too pessimistic. Taobao customers as long as the site according to the laws of e-commerce to do, there will always be a market.

"Qi run" advantage:


then understand the four shopping channels, we compare, found that the first two are unrelated to Taobao customers, only third and fourth can be specific to Taobao customers. For the time being, the third embodiment of Taobao is a large number of API sites, single product websites, or an industry Taobao site. And Taobao customers in the fourth embodiment is that the forum issued Taobao shopping, SNS, and so on to do publicity, as well as advertising or referrals in the middle of the site.

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