U S flash site Fab financing 105 millionEarn 500 yuan per day to earn 1800 yuan experience

estimates that you are now doing as I do, 50 thousand IP download station should now have 1500, and so on, do not worry, the value of the site can also be promoted.

round of financing by Atomico Ventures lead investment, the valuation of Fab is about $600 million. Goldberg said that the addition of Atomico could enhance Fab’s international popularity.

; $1 billion; Fab’s selling Secrets: products that sell stories

Beijing time on July 16th morning news, the United States flash purchase website Fab announced today a new round of financing, raised $105 million. Fab CEO Jason Goldberg Jason Goldberg confirmed the news in his blog.

as early as a month ago, the U.S. technology blog TechCrunch editor Sozies Coccia Mollie Alexia Tsotsis revealed that Fab is preparing a new round of financing, valuation of about $700 million. "We were told that, in addition to the Vc firm Atomico’s interest in investing $50 million, Fab’s existing investors are committed to continuing to invest $25 million," he said."


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I just now really understand a truth, network promotion, garbage. SEO, garbage. Learn to promote the value of the website is cattle P.

In fact, many webmaster

first your station resources must be their own, I found many webmaster download compressed file is some useless things, are their own website or what, this is actually, I have a female station, stock station, I put all the resources which are put on the the 2 site connection file to the file name: free porn, adult community lures import my sexual station, with the name of the file: Cheats: make 1000, king of the means to make money into my stock station. Basically every day can come 15 thousand or so IP, and then these stations put GG, the price is very high, there are many people will come to advertise, in fact, 50 thousand IP download station to do 2500, no problem.

said very ashamed, my station is a download station, day IP5 million, daily income of 500 is OK, I do stand for 8 years, familiar with network promotion, SEO, marketing. I used the station only GG, advertising alliance, Express magazine, GG day to about $more than 30, express more than 100, plus other magazines, with about 500, I really did not expect that now I can do 1800 every day, I am very excited, the night still think of how to improve the value of the site, below I say how I did it.

to participate in the Fab round of fund-raising, including Anderson – Horowitz Andreessen Horowitz and Troy – Carter Troy Carter and other Vc firm and individual investors. This round is Fab’s C round of financing. After financing, the total amount of external funds introduced by Fab will reach $160 million. Compared to last December, B round 40 million of the amount of financing, Fab round of financing has been greatly improved. Zhu Fei

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