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select good advertising media, is to select the information published site, specific to the location of the page and so on. Here is to note that different sites have different visitors, so the effect of network media and advertising has a great relationship. For example, the ads published on the Northeast Medical Network www.hlj120.cn are medical related, and one thing to note is that, in general, the majority of advertisements in the male channel are related to male diseases or male health care.


asked: Unfamiliar Street launched in 2 version of the geographically based group function, and the 3 version of the launch of the site message function, so that the product form shifted to the location based community". What’s the reason for this decision? Is it to get rid of the label of "about guns"?

in the network advertising planning, the difficulty is likely to be advertising creativity. Whether advertising agents or advertisers themselves in the Web advertising plan, the task is to make your brand, advertising forms, appeals content for the target audience requirements. In the early part of the planning has been quite perfect, advertising creativity is the key to determining the final advertising performance, and it is also a decisive step to attract the audience’s attention and to browse the advertising information. Web advertising creative can be divided into two categories: first, content, form, visual performance, advertising demands of creativity, and the two is technical creativity.

The purpose of

for the 2013 street street in the commercial considerations, unfamiliar street COO Wang said in an interview, 2013 will indeed consider some commercial content, but the commercialization is not unfamiliar street priority direction, will not consider the form of O2O.

editor’s note: 2013 China Internet entrepreneurs conference will be officially opened in May this year, before the official opening of the general assembly, the Organizing Committee of the general assembly http://s.2013.loohua/ combined with network, TechWeb, spray technology media A5 station network and other media jointly launched "mobile venture star" series of interviews, show the mobile Internet goers style.

TechWeb March 11th Qi Yanan special ning Meng joint reported

in addition to commercial form, unfamiliar street Wang Li said 2013 will indeed consider some unfamiliar street commercial content, will do some attempt, but business is not important, do not consider the form of O2O. Unfamiliar street is the focus of the product itself, so that unfamiliar street continued to meet the needs of users, solve the user’s problems, become a viable product, rather than a flash in the pan APP.

two, network advertising planning should have new ideas,

currently has a national site, local site, Chinese site, English site, content integrated site, content professional site, as well as enterprise own proprietary web site or home page. How to choose a suitable site, which should be considered in accordance with the planning platform. Specific analysis of the characteristics of advertising objects, advertising objectives to achieve the extent of the ability to support costs, but also to match the media selection of competitors to consider.

in addition, Wang Li stressed that the position attributes of product form, natural Unfamiliar Street itself resulting in the commercialization of a lot of imagination, but the premise is commercial but influence user experience, commercial introduction together with the needs of users, but not to do information push.


last year, unfamiliar street has launched 2 and 3 version, unfamiliar street 2 increased based on the location of the group function, unfamiliar street 3 further increase the place message function. Unfamiliar Street, this mobile APP products are gradually moving from a mobile dating applications to location-based communities".

advertising is to increase sales or brand building, of course, online advertising is no exception, the ultimate goal of advertising is to improve sales. Because of the low price of online advertising, online advertising has gradually become the focus of attention of advertisers and agents. However, how to make online advertisement more effective? This is the hot spot that everybody pays close attention to. However, efficient online advertising must be born on the basis of strategic pre planning. Successful online advertising can bring in effective click through rates and eventually translate into your own customers.

Wang Li said, unfamiliar street version and function change are LBS around this core to do, do 1 unfamiliar street nearby, 2 nearby groups, the 3 is near the information, first, then the next is the polymerization, polymerization to send out information the rhythm is completely, starting from the needs of users, and not in order to get rid of the so-called "about gun label.

three, determine the form of advertising

following questions and answers:

has a platform for online advertising, it is necessary for their products or services to develop a reasonable and efficient network advertising strategy. This planning process should include the choice of network media, the choice of advertising time, the determination of advertising time and a good advertising idea.

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unfamiliar street COO Wang Li: Unfamiliar Street product line is like this: >

1: choose good advertising media

Web ads include news group ads, email ads, banner ads, game ads, background brand ads, interactive advertising, pop-up ads, banner ads, etc.. Each form has its own characteristics and advantages. Web advertising plan to select the appropriate form of advertising is to attract by >

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