Shenzhou special vehicle operating company today listed three new board valuation of 36 billion 900



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Shenzhou bus is one of the major shared travel platform in china. And drops, Uber and other private cars to join the C2C model is different, the Shenzhou special car to take the "professional vehicles, professional drivers" B2C model.

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why do you write me



Shenzhou special vehicle operating company today listed three new board valuation of 36 billion 900 million yuan

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announcement, China Securities and car stock code 838006; transfer mode for the transfer market, CICC, GF Securities, CITIC Securities, SW Hong Yuan Securities, Soochow securities, financial securities brokerage 6 became the excellent car maker.


TechWeb News reported in July 22nd, Shenzhou car Shenzhou car Limited by Share Ltd and operating company announced that the company’s shares listed public transfer application has been the national stock transfer company agreed shares will be held today at the national share transfer system listed on the official public transfer.

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, Beijing,

in accordance with the latest fair capital increase price, Shenzhou gifted car valuation has risen to 36 billion 900 million yuan, second only to Jiuding group.

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data show that in April 12th this year, China gifted car to the National SME share transfer system submitted to submit applications for listing; July 11th, China excellent car listing application formally approved.

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, I wrote it,

Shenzhou is currently the only near profit net. The first quarter of 2016: the net income of the Shenzhou special car was 41.7 yuan, the average cost was 65.11 yuan, and the average loss of gross profit of single unit decreased by 81.1% compared with the same period of last year. The cost and income are approaching, or will be profitable in the near future. Ming Yu


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