Revenue net profit doubled four times another Amoy brand rushed to PO2007 China advertising 10 Tre

fierce competition in the appliance market, the major brands are either horizontal expansion category, or busy layout, online and offline double channel, puppy electronics is a "alternative."". Why do you say that,


in addition, similar to other Amoy brands, puppy appliances do not produce by themselves, but by outsourcing OEM model. The company concentrates its efforts on Products >

day before, just to get a puppy electric Tak Kwong and other 7 institutions 150 million yuan investment, the overall valuation of 1 billion yuan. Prior to this, its never introduced outside the capital, not to burn, no gambling, choose the puppy electric light.

one, focus on a single category. Set up 18 years ago, the core business has been locked in the puppy electric appliances clean products in this category, vacuum cleaner, horizontal, wireless, vehicle, barrel type vacuum cleaner has a variety of styles, on the basis of expanding the mite instrument and sweeping robot with the exception of the same category.


rapid growth of "Amoy brand", revenue net profit of two times four times

which, Jingdong and Ali as the main sales platform, the total sales of 2014-2016 years accounted for 95.94% of revenue, 98.19%, 90.12%. 2015 began to force the promotion of Ali platform, in 2016, Ali’s platform sales improved significantly, directly beyond the Jingdong platform sales contribution.

2016, the core products vacuum cleaner series accounted for 71.7% of total revenue, in addition to the proportion of mites increased to 23.68%, sweeping robot proportion is still small, only 4.43%.


after Liebo, Yin man, three squirrels, and a Amoy brand to IPO. May 10th onwards, "three new board Internet appliances first shares" puppy appliances 870077 began to enter the IPO counseling period, from its listing three new board only six months.

based puppy electric Internet gene is also higher in brand marketing, event marketing, "Dan" micro film marketing, popular film and television works "band aid" type of implant, star endorsement, public marketing, all had a slip.

company currently mainly with third party electronic business platform for sale. Docking platform has Jingdong platform, Ali platform, as well as the United States online, 1 shop, Amazon, Dangdang, vip and other online platforms, the basic realization of the whole network coverage.

with CCTV bidding for a new high, we are busy next year advertising program, and then to the advertising company than the draft of the peak season is when the forecast trend Chinese advertising next year, to share with you.

        one, all-round marketing, strengthening investment returns,

        advertising investment returns have been advertisers attention. Next year the advertiser’s return on investment will be holistic.

        as the media environment is getting more complex, more ways to think about effective exposure to consumers are beyond the reach of the media alone. So, how to show the return on customer input, will also become the top priority of various marketing channels.

        two; conventional advertising can no longer meet customer needs;

        new content participation and product implantation has become a routine and innovative approach.

        since last year, the "super girl" successfully created a new media content, to attract viewers and advertisers to actively participate in the full support of the cooperation with the media, advertisers will no longer as in the past simple routine.

        with the upcoming Olympic Games, next year in the "breakthrough" and "beyond the conventional" requirements, advertising practices will certainly be introduced.

        three, consumers become more "

    all flurry and confusion";;     with the city people especially young people "multitasking" has become a common phenomenon, multimedia sharing has become the essential strategy of advertising media.

        many activities Multi-tasking have become the normal life of consumers; after the Internet, they listen to the radio, watch more TV, or call…… Therefore, advertising messages are more difficult to reach as easily as before, and the creative content of advertisements should be updated to meet this fact.

        four; competitive media will pay attention to marketing;

        in order to meet the Olympics

second, the sales focus on the online channel. In fact, the early creation of puppy appliances sales channels with most household electrical appliance enterprises is, in department stores, Gome and other offline channels, but the scale is still small when a single category can not support offline channel operation, to fully participate online, out of line.

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