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is the first to say that this is not a soft, I do site on the first day of making a profit, and profit…. believe there is interest and time the friend, is a novice or rookie level are the same as me, are very many in the establishment and operation, and can not find the direction when I see some site information and articles, from some other people’s thoughts and thought through his attempt to do it and have the following experience and experience to share with the rookie friends:

start at the beginning, Zhang Xuhao and partner to hangchikengchi pedalled, rolled up his sleeves and delivery. Seven years later, hungry, the staff of up to 15000 people, covering 1400 cities, the daily peak orders exceeded 9 million single December 2016 data.

Zhang Xuhao: our company, the future is to provide "local life 30 minutes door-to-door service" platform, that is

what is behind these figures? What are the experiences? What are the "tragic stories"? Jingwei Zhang Ying to "war" as the theme, Zhang Xuhao "cheat" to, and served as the creation of the exchange of the host.

earlier this year, the latitude and longitude held an internal creation of the exchange yes, this is the latitude and longitude company exclusive benefits. The protagonist is Zhang Xuhao, founded in 2009 hungry, it is to observe the development of the Internet an excellent sample.

Zhang Xuhao: there’s a piece of advice. Entrepreneurship isn’t all about war. Some markets may need to fight dominate the political arena, but some do not. It’s better to choose not to fight, because it’s hard to fight.

Zhang Ying: the first question, today you share Bimei group slightly advance, basically the market is you two plus sh419 takeaway this three around. Many people want to take out, simply think of the hungry, it is a takeaway company?. To summarize, the future of the company if it can become tens of billions of scale, what is the

Zhang Ying: I tricked you with war.

I once wrote on my signature: "if you can see me on the line during the day, that’s pretty much what you see as aliens.". This is not a nonsense, I believe I have the same experience with most of the owners can understand what it is like to stay up late, today we are not talking about the night’s taste, but I mention this word is to let everyone remember why we stay up, is to make your site do better, and to achieve profitability, but many the webmaster is very hard and busy months have no income, depression, needless to say we have experience, then the following text to..

below, Enjoy:

is hungry? What kind of company is the future?

Zhang Ying: today they asked me to talk to him, and I would stimulate him to answer a little bit more detail, the key point of thinking, and how to fight. Before we start PK, do you have anything to say,


Zhang Xuhao: the theme this time is war, and later I’ll talk more about war.


I find the timing is different, and the way we run it needs to change. Not always according to the development of the old routines, one person said, if you want to know what happens in the future, so it is necessary to review the history, it certainly makes sense, but I would like to emphasize that in the era of progress, with the development of society, people in changing everything is changing, now digital war if still retain the Mao era the millet plus rifles tactics this extended as the station that as can be imagined? The 9899 year Ma appeared, NetEase, Ding Lei appeared, and later hao123 a simple web page appeared finally almost did not enter the home rule field finally sell a good price, the network era because the influx of fewer people, little competition… Now burn navigation station to do how many people? But can return to the previous state? We are in accordance with the website, publicity, advertising. Most people are still… So to think to do, but for the personal site operation, we all feel, we are not a star, not Xiao Shenyang, not Han Han, just call you sister, which the monkey in which to buy? Can attract thousands of W traffic, is calling for a small micro station produced very ordinary people the influence, we can not reach the extent of our initial and a hundred responses to a single call, nothing like that how the corporate entrepreneurship has a comprehensive team and technical personnel as well as the most important capital to burn promotion, most people are reported to have such a psychological investment in case of loss of how to do? This is often psychological investment people joke, but in my side I see how many of these people? And do not worry about the big but destitute, finally is to impulse the whole cast into short-lived business, win Win, lose, lose, really enough, and the results, usually eat steamed bread, feel steamed bread is not fragrant, now steamed bread, did not know what to treasure, I am not

hungry, no doubt one of the most watched and valuable start-ups in china. The media has the spirit of the times is highly condensed symbols: entrepreneurship, O2O outlet, cruel competition and subsidy war, giant pattern of vertical and horizontal, as well as a "successful" story.

we select the best parts for everyone to share, such as how to have something in hand – it is very difficult to giant buildings environment; for example, the conversation reveals the one we do not know a Xuhao — he grew up with his father. Also such as "why account; most people are not optimistic about the Shanghai entrepreneurial" – but this is not on the map gun.

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