Apple myth performance growth but difficulties in developmentGuest alliance promotion also allows me

if the price of Mac products to take into account, Apple’s second quarter results growth is achieved by product prices and service business growth. Excluding factors such as price increases and changes in the exchange rate, Apple’s second quarter results should be down, which is Apple’s real dilemma.



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hardware sales decline can reverse

in addition, the substantial growth of Apple’s service business, but also for Apple’s revenue growth is really a key role. In the second quarter of this year, revenue from Apple’s service was $7 billion 41 million, an increase of 18% from $5 billion 991 million in the same period last year. Only one service business, Apple’s revenue growth of $1 billion 50 million. Coupled with the rising price of Apple mobile phone, but also about 1 billion U. S. dollars growth.

compared with the previous generation of Apple Mobile iPhone 6S, Apple’s 7 price has risen a lot. Because iPhone 7 canceled the capacity of 64G products, and launched a capacity 256G products, Apple’s 7 line mobile phone price is highest, has been approaching 8000 yuan. Specifically, apple 7 mobile phones than the previous generation price rise of about 100 yuan. Through the product structure adjustment, apple mobile phone unit price than the previous generation rose about 200 yuan, this is also the apple mobile phone sales decline, performance can be an important reason for small growth.


from the earnings data show that as of April 1st, Apple sold 50 million 800 thousand iPhone in the second quarter, down 51 million 200 thousand from the same period last year. In the proud Chinese market, Apple’s performance but also suffered cliff downwards, revenue fell 14.1%, only $10 billion 730 million. Needless to say, Apple’s performance growth, is a huge crisis. In particular, one thing that can not be ignored is that the growth of Apple’s performance has benefited from the new generation of mobile iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus price increases.

days ago, Apple announced the 2017 fiscal year second quarter earnings. Data show that Apple’s total revenue reached $52 billion 896 million in the second quarter, higher than last year’s $50 billion 557 million; net profit of $11 billion 29 million, an increase of 5% over the same period last year’s $10 billion 516 million. However, behind the gorgeous data, apple development bottleneck encountered difficulties.

In fact, whether or

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‘s growth in performance

for apple, in order to achieve healthy performance growth, we must reverse the decline in iPhone and tablet sales decline. In the global smartphone sales slowdown in the negative background, how Apple pulled i>?

on the surface, Apple’s second quarter revenue and profits continued to grow last year, but Apple’s mobile phone and tablet PC sales have declined. As the two pillars of Apple’s eco Empire, sales of mobile phones and tablets are undoubtedly the biggest crisis for apple.

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The dilemma behind

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