To October 2010 buy navigation website latest ranking

in group purchase site navigation station rash and too much in haste at the same time, gradually become the group purchase group purchase group purchase website users to choose the benchmark, in the navigation station occupies a number of group purchase group purchase group purchase website users, in order to get more users, a good and practical promotion methods becomes in the group purchase navigation station advertising.

According to the Wenzhou

discount network specializes in women’s cosmetics group purchase to get them to choose which group purchase navigation station do promotion, so they to some good group purchase navigation station to do a Alexa survey.

to October 2010 China buy navigation station rankings:

website ranking site name Alexa China traffic ranking

1 regiment 800 400

2 tuanp 780

3 goutuan 1296

4 54tz 1705

5 1000tuan 3044

6 tuan123.NET 3090

7 57tuan 4080

8 Eguo 5015

9 tuan138 5050

10 tuan123.COM 5950

in the face of more and more group purchase group purchase site navigation station, how to choose a cost-effective navigation station to do promotion would need time to think and study, according to the group purchase navigation station ranking also changed continuously. In that navigation station competition is also growing, a little slack will was shot dead after the waves on the beach.

finally Wenzhou discount network staff want to buy the site, buy navigation website to work together to buy this market, give consumers less cheating and injury, more concessions and joy.

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