07 years one way out of the station build vertical industry websiteReturned from study opened sho

went to Britain to study for a master’s degree in 2009,

2007 sophomore entered Taobao purchasing

opened second stores on Taobao in 2012 and considered entering Tmall mall

returned to

every day, Yu dream will search on Taobao, pick different styles of clothes, and then pick the good collection to display in their shop. Buyers fancy a clothes can be directly photographed, Yu dream from another seller there to buy, and then sell hands, earn difference. "This kind of business, for me, is a zero investment, without risking the risk of getting into the market without putting in the cost." Yu Meng says.

"if at present, this kind of purchasing can hardly be carried out so easily.". Each period has the advantage of each period, but I just grabbed the opportunity." Yu dream frankly.

2007, I read sophomore. This year, she opened his first shop on Taobao, specializing in purchasing.

in 2009, when she was graduating from college, she had a strong interest in marketing. She decided to go to the UK to study for her master’s degree. Although Taobao has been doing it for a year and a half, it’s small, but for special purposes

in Sichuan University more than a dream, especially love to see clothes in Taobao, met love, unique style, will collections down for a long time, accumulated a lot of. "I can’t buy hundreds of clothes. I always recommend some to my friends and send my own clothes online."." Yu Meng said, gradually, more and more people come to ask her collection clothes where to buy, friends, classmates also let dream help to buy.

sophomore enter Taobao purchasing

      vertical industry website is an industry building, and the depth of integration configuration of the site of this industry and trading information. This kind of website does not need the huge flow of general recreational station, also can realize the profit of big teach.

      recently I log ten more familiar with the entertainment industry station and station are analyzed, the results found that under the same flow conditions, the vertical industry website profit ability is 5 to 12 times the general entertainment station. The difference is mainly reflected in the profitability of its profit model, general entertainment station profit pattern is the main use of traffic to make alliance advertising, the swap chain revenue, advertising revenue, click on the mobile phone SMS registered accounted for more than 80% share. In 07 years, with the establishment of mobile phone SMS registration downturn, click the K number, the flow quantity is not worth the money in mind advertisers, pictures, movies and other entertainment makes the ordinary station rely on for three ways to limit the income.

        in contrast, the vertical industry website membership fees + advertising + sales revenue model is much brighter outlook. Vertical industry website profit pattern, membership fee is suitable to provide trading information industry as the leading industry vertical website; advertising for all vertical industry websites; sales revenue for vertical industry product oriented website. On the advertising fees, due to the vertical industry website professional strong, clear target audience, advertisers are more willing to teach a high price of its advertising to this station, chemical online advertising for a banner a year on one hundred thousand of the cost will fully support this point.

        of course, from the operation point of view, the vertical industry website is obviously more difficult to operate than ordinary entertainment, because it emphasizes more professional, timeliness, unique. Its characteristics, decided to go solo personal station operation mode, in this way is not feasible, before entering this threshold, individual Adsense at least have to face a shift from individual business to workshop operation.

online in 2010 after he finished his studies

from single to 4 small team, from a few days do not see an order, to do dozens of single daily, from scratch to the current monthly growth of 30% ~ 50% of the profits…… Because of the University’s love of Taobao, Chongqing girl after the dream from the United Kingdom returned to study, in Taobao part-time opened the shop, relying on their own design clothing played a piece of heaven and earth. Now, the resignation to concentrate on operating online shop dream, has opened second shops on Taobao, and consider entering Tmall mall.

rely on purchasing earn difference, Yu dream shop top monthly turnover has reached 30 thousand to 40 thousand yuan, at least when you can profit 7000~8000 yuan.

Yu dream,

in June 8th, when the reporter saw Yu dream, she just ended a meeting and went back to her company. When it comes to the opening of Taobao shops and reasons, Yu dream said with a smile: "entirely because of their shopping preferences."."

returned to

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