Beginner how to rationally treat WangzhuanRoundup the era of refinement of the nternet operation

three, no matter 37, twenty-one, have problems, ask people everywhere, don’t search. Many new friends are not using the habit of search engines, no matter what problems, began in Q or groups of people asked, but often these problems, search engines inside there are very detailed answers. Why don’t you find someone to ask the time to search, early settlement, why bother wasting time looking for someone to ask these last owe gratitude? You know most of our grassroots webmaster is to rely on search engines to eat, so be sure to understand the search engine.

whether you are engaged in the industry, have experienced the novice stage, today to talk about the novice will usually have what bad habits, in fact, do Wangzhuan is no exception, there is nothing bad habits, you can not get rid of the key. The author of the blog have many beginner with my questions, because the author itself also experienced the novice stage, so that newcomers are confused, the author summarizes the following problems need to be improved, hope for some beginner help.

one, not doing enough. Most beginner are impetuous, quick success. When saw someone do a Wangzhuan money, immediately followed suit, that also can be assigned to a money, do a few days I heard again a new Wangzhuan project, afraid of missing, and turned down, do new, and one day I heard abroad the project makes more money, and had abandoned the project to study abroad, you know, love to eat, can not digest, if this has been, in the end what a little and do not fine, finally did not make any money and a waste of time.

four, aimless browsing. Enter a forum, because there are many columns and posts, novices do not know where to look, but a look at the East West look one, the correct way is to take the purpose of learning into the Wangzhuan forum, looking for classification, then look at the forum in the top posts and those the essence of post, have to learn again, this is a great help to you.

Internet business? How to change the massive hits and "eyeball" for real income and profits? How to establish a stable and loyal customer groups? How to better serve our customers? After away from the bubble, after trying to survive the cold winter of Internet, these problems in the "Internet value return" today has become the most concerned problem for enterprise network. 3721, 263 and other Internet companies have recently launched a new customer service system, can be regarded as a good attempt in this regard.

A, the Internet: concepts, products and services

in three hours, Chinese Internet companies also completed the transition from concept to product and service. The concept of phase of Internet Co is more investor oriented, is staking the taste of love, the concept of speculation, to attract the attention of investors and the public. Since 1998, the Internet Co to product stage. At this stage, there are three major portals of news content constantly strengthened, there are 3721 launched network real name, launched in 263 e-mail. The Internet Co began preliminary stage products concerned about their products to bring value to the user of the Internet, began to focus on the network application. Internet Co is a business oriented service stage, focus on planning and market research, concerned about how to meet the needs of customers, strengthen internal management and operation. If the concept stage of Internet companies are more concerned about the click rate and access rate, pay attention to the "eye" of the concentration, then they are more concerned about how to "stick" users.

brand promotion with this recipe, how to do vertical activity in July minus 500-1000 yuan

five, do not insist on doing things. Beginner often when operating a Wangzhuan project, for a long time, the result is not profitable, support does not go up. The stomach is frozen three

two, just do not see, do not perform. Many beginner there exist such problems, when he saw a good data or Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial, wow, free to download, and then quickly down, then read it again, feel this tutorial really good, if according to the implementation of the inside, certainly can make money. Then I began to imagine how much money I could make. I’m going to start doing it tomorrow. Suddenly he found another Wangzhuan tutorial, this tutorial is a feeling. Again down, and the next down, down a lot, to the second day, forget everything, yesterday, the next good tutorial, one has not been executed.

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