Freshman students do station how to earn 2000 monthlyOn the road to entrepreneurship note that the

is back in the middle of a job rush for college graduates, but many IT graduates find it hard to find satisfactory jobs. Those who study elder brothers always complain about the poor employment in the IT industry. And I do not think so, IT, an innovative, professional vitality, can affect and expand to other industries, and always have his unique and tenacious vitality.

three, pay attention to enhance the quality of station content

forgot to introduce myself. I’m a computer major at a junior college in Hunan. I’m a freshman now. And many students who love IT industry, holding a cavity in the IT industry, not hesitate to invest. Although originally filled the college entrance examination volunteer, do not know what the IT industry, just want to have a computer to play, OK.


many entrepreneurs because more impatient, so it will not calm down, do a good job in the station content filling, but want to do traffic. This will lead to the content of the station is not high quality, there is no absolute high-quality content, and its prospects for development is limited, this approach is not long-term. Therefore, the Internet start-ups must ensure the quality of content in the station, only to provide users with high-quality content, in order to eventually retain users, realize the corresponding value.

undergraduate web site navigation station sou158 has been operating for nearly two months, by many college students like, but also earned 2000 dollars of advertising costs, although 2000 pieces is not much. But for a freshman, you can earn your living expenses. Don’t reach for your parents. I feel very happy. What’s more, it’s a good thing to accumulate experience for the future work,

I usually like reading magazines in the library and looking at the materials on the Internet to get to know the world outside. Through the year of study, ideas gradually broadened, with the idea of doing something. But a freshman’s knowledge is limited, a year passed, and still only learn to do web site. Like many college students, he always wants to do something, but he doesn’t know what he can do. Until that day overheard a roommate complain ugly site navigation hao123. I took a closer look at the hao123 web site, but it was a bit monotonous. So I want to make a variety of site navigation station. Slowly, and found a variety of Web sites, navigation stations, there are many online. If you can not make your own features, there must be no market. Later, in Mu evergreen network promotion to see a network promotion method, clear the website for the user group". Yes! Why don’t I for college students to do a site navigation station. You can add and highlight the necessary navigation for college students at regular site navigation stations. For example, "College Recruitment", "college students"…..

ha ha! First, in this article, my literary talent is also very food! Everyone will make it,


there is no doubt that a wrong strategic decision will lead to serious consequences. Strategic decision-making is also a problem that must be paid attention to in the process of entrepreneurship. Ineffective management, marketing strategies, competitor estimates, errors, etc., are all things we should take care of and avoid. Once the entrepreneur has a larger strategy

two, pay attention to market information, seize the opportunity,

entrepreneurship is a very long process, slowly entrepreneurial road, a little careless, you will fall into the abyss of failure. As for the entrepreneurs, how to do to avoid the fate of failure? In this paper, the author will list eight note must pay attention to the entrepreneurial process, I hope to give the marching start on the road in the friends of some help. Generally speaking, from the early start of the capital allocation and scheduling, talent recruitment, marketing strategy, management skills, the market trend changes, and competition and coping strategies, are likely to lead to business failure. In view of this, the author on the entrepreneurial road must pay attention to the six major issues are described in detail, I hope we can make progress together.

said, "do it, though it’s just a freshman, but it’s OK to be a small website.". Two weeks time, the student website navigation station is ready. Remember to do the two weeks of the website, in addition to class, other times are facing the computer, every time forget to eat, eat instant noodles, at night boil to one, two points. I think everyone will be motivated to find what he wants to do, and that little pain is nothing.

many entrepreneurs ignore financial needs at the start of their business, fail to make realistic financial budgets, and do not make effective use of funds during their operations. It’s hard to create a surplus. Many people do not take into account the importance of liquidity at the beginning of their business, so they do poineering work without sufficient liquidity. But the fact is that many people do not run very smoothly after starting a business, and when they need to stick to it for some time, they have to close the door early because there is not enough liquidity. If the entrepreneur does not have enough liquidity to maintain the operation for more than half a year, it is better not to start a business easily.

in the entrepreneurs on the market is not clear before the rush to start a business, or not in the entrepreneurial process more dynamic industry habits, such practices are often wrong. Entrepreneurs must understand the potential market demand, sales channels and competitors situation but also to do a clear understanding, because only to fight the enemy.

first, pay attention to the accumulation of funds and the rational use of

four, pay attention to the development strategy,

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