How should we choose a product for a highly competitive Taobao customerHow to take the road of indep

now in the network age, more and more people choose a business on the Internet, why choose network business? First of all, the network business cost is low or even zero cost; the second is China e-commerce industry is entering the stage of rapid development, now is the best time to enter the industry.

3. conclusion

a paper life from BBP

why do I dislike the domestic BSP blog hosting services, is also in the blog blog, not really because I just dislike Sina blog blog blog essence tampering behavior, originally should be the grassroots blog like star mice. But because the blog in the domestic BSP, it means that you actually depend on others, campaigned as online home blog control in your hands and not in the webmaster since, your daily care is only to help BSP who do volunteer editors.

and just joined the industry of new people, many will choose to start from Taobao customers, I also, and now income is still ok. My way is to do a single product website, through the promotion of SEO, the first choice for a comparison of explosion products, then choose good keywords to do, do SEO optimization, search engine rankings come up naturally there will be income, and this is a relatively stable income. But now Taobao customers more and more intense competition, sales of large explosion products are those old Amoy and cattle people occupied, for newcomers to compete with them is not realistic. For example, to lose weight, breast enhancement or the like, a novice to do, will die very ugly. Well, how do we choose the product? I listed some of my methods, I hope we can give you some origin.


2. how to take the road of independent blogs

one. Try to choose some partial, but there is a certain sales, competition is relatively small.


Ma Yun said: "5 years later, do not do e-commerce, you will have no business,

two. Select a type of product, to see the product has those keywords, those long tail word competition small. I generally analysis keyword competition size is: 1., look at the word sh419 index, more than 1000 of the competition is relatively large, it is recommended to choose the following 500 long tail word, some conversion rate of good words, dozens of index can also. 2., see how many sites sh419 search results, the index multiplied by ten thousand to judge almost, and more than 10 million of the competition is relatively large, it is recommended to choose the following 5 million.

four. It’s enough to choose three keywords.

in Admin5 diving also have more than one year, often heard that graph king like us very supportive of grassroots webmaster, nothing, also wrote a blog on < < > > how to write the character;, unexpectedly successfully published, thanks to Admin5, thanks to map Wang, thank you, thank you CCTV.

select products:


Li Kaifu said: "10 years later, the size of China’s e-commerce will be 250 times now,

, a famous independent blogger, moonlight blogger, Long Weilian, once said a word, "I’m very impressed.". He said, when I had set up a blog, Links in so many independent blog was updated, but a year later, I click on those links when people have to stand empty, few people adhere to the present, in addition to their own. Of course, it’s not just a lonely insistence,.

1. why go on the road of independent blogs

in addition, we must unite in friends around, holding a "free will, to have words, words must have left, have the great banner left must see" theory, conscientiously implement the "impression people message" requirements, adhere to the "all you know, you can carry forward the" ideological line, "not afraid of acid, two trouble" dauntless spirit, to keep in touch, often harassed "as the top priority of the revitalization of the blog! To fundamentally change" a few days trip, to think of it, don’t talk, go leave "the way! Message to new thinking, there should be new irrigation ideas, bragging to new breakthroughs, to have new situation! Adhere to the" four "is organized, premeditated, sure, there are achievements. Mutual promotion and common development, so that we do on the road of sustainable development.

Robin Li: 5 years later, there is no pure Internet Co, because every company is using the Internet in marketing,

selected products and keywords, select a program, and then select the domain name space, these are good choice, the site can be erected on-line, and then is to do SEO optimization. As to how to select programs and domains >

three. To analyze the competitors, with the keywords you choose, a search in sh419 search results page, see some independent domain name, there are a few guest station, if more than 5 independent domain name, station is greater than 2, the key competition is relatively large, and a suggestion key words to do. If you choose 10 of these products, 8 key words are competitive words, then the best thing is to change products.

How does

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