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Abstract: once entrepreneurs said bluntly, there were no real angel investors in China, only bandits. Of course, this is only one side of the story. But there are countless false angels in our country. What should true angels look like,

first of all, angel investors certainly have money, and they must have enough spare money to invest. What is the standard of this idle money? You don’t live on this money. You lose it and it doesn’t affect your quality of life. That’s the spare cash. Generally speaking, the money in personal assets in the proportion of less than 10%, so when you meet an angel, he said to invest 10 million to you, you should ask him: brother, you worth several million of the money lost? Would you be distressed if all he? The property converted to 50 million will be together, then you have to be careful, this person may only give you 2 million, then do not give you back the money, and maybe even forcing you in front of burn money.

has spare cash,

secondly, a good angel investor must have a strong circle of friends, and he will have enough resources in the field he is investing in. This is not to say that he contacts, as angel investors must use their own contacts to help investment projects, I never think investors have the duty to help entrepreneurs solve what problem, people put money to you is the greatest help good! However, early investors must in their investment in the field enough to help people make their own judgment, this is the so-called not familiar with investment.


if an investor to do the investment in a field they are completely unfamiliar, it is not mature and irrational, as an entrepreneur you will want this immature irrational money? When you meet a so-called angel investors, you should as far as possible in your the business circle to know about this person, if through the media or ask some contacts rich friends, they do not know the investors, I think you must be careful, maybe he is a novice, you give the people the white hand. This angel investors, often shot for a place, maybe the first half of the second half of the investment still do, disappeared, you will find it a round of financing, it is good for you to leave a big hole.


what should real angel investors be like,

just after 3.15, the morning saw mobile phone know someone invited me to answer the question: "angels really are angels?" well, I want to say is really an angel investor is certainly "angel", but now many so-called angel investors, it is false not only, not an angel, even the devil. Now I’ll tell you how to tell the true and false of angel investors.

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