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buckles money for the most awesome advertising alliance

, who has both worked at Tencent and sh419, knows about the cultural differences between the two companies: Tencent’s corporate culture is relatively pragmatic. Executives seem to be relatively close to the people in practice. Tencent in the evening to work, in the elevator encountered Martin Tencent President Liu Chiping, we will say hello to him, a simple two words. In the sh419 building, and Robin Robin Li and take the elevator down, every man, no matter how the discussion before the rapture came after all, don’t let Parrotbill sound, depressing atmosphere.


1, staff turnover is relatively low,

is Silicon Valley, and domestic Internet giant employees engaged in their business in the army, which has become a strong trend. At home, such as Ali, sh419, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase and other Internet giants to become Internet start-ups incubator, a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs continue to emerge. In the middle, especially Sohu, NetEase department as a typical representative: Youku, Gu Yongqiang, Iqiyi, Gong Yu, unfamiliar street Tang Yan, YY, Li Xueling and so on, famous, brilliant achievements. But in contrast, Tencent, as the largest domestic Internet users, whether it is pioneering projects or entrepreneurs, for a long time is very little known. It was not until the last two years that some of the items were known to the outside world. How does the Tencent business department exist? How does the Tencent entrepreneur do? How does the Tencent treat these employees who leave their own?


Tencent business department for a long time did not like the NetEase Sohu that are labeled on, there is even no doubt this system, relatively little loss and the Tencent personnel, the number of entrepreneurs is low, Tencent and poor publicity low-key Department of entrepreneurs have a great relationship.

site owners can index: 5

I have seen the most terrible thing is that the advertising alliance million: www.yigao. terrible to what extent do you know? I I did have a station every day with more than 10 thousand IP! See billion to advertising, put their code, May started, started only 20 dollars a day, then more and more less. There are more than 580 in a month. By June, I thought it was going to be settled. I didn’t wait until the bill was settled, so I called their customer service and they said they wanted to pass the ID card. So I uploaded them as they requested. He said he would have to wait for the settlement before he could pay. On the third day, I landed on my billion dollar backstage and found it settled, but the amount of settlement was 5 dollars,

2, perfect welfare reduces desire for entrepreneurship,



site owners can index: 0

website’s main money index: 2

relaxed, user-friendly management has always been one of the most important elements of Internet users.


website’s main money index: 0

and then feel very surprised, immediately contact customer service, why 580 yuan into 5?. Answer: your customer feel shy account by the detection of data anomalies, for technical problems we call me from the answer. No answer from now on. Never since the phone call. So my ten thousand IP website earned $5 a month, and it’s only $5 a week after the settlement,

Tencent wages throughout the Internet is not the highest, but the overall welfare of the whole in which the Internet giant is recognized as the best in the business, welfare design company is rigorous, all levels covering the work and life of the administrative staff’s requirements on the basic principle is "to meet". To give employees a "nanny care". The comfort of the environment greatly reduces the chance of employees leaving their businesses, but also reduces their ability to survive in the wild.


salary: salary is not the highest in the industry, but the year-end bonus is relative

advertising alliance website owners, of course, is to take money in the pocket most assured. Ali’s mother did well enough. Settlement number 15 per month. On that day, you’ll settle in the background and your commission will be paid immediately. In contrast to other big advertising leagues, shlf1314 needs to send PIN code and needs to collect it by itself. Some advertising unions transfer money through banks, which usually take about a day or so. In this regard, Ali mother is undoubtedly the best! Of course, Ali’s mother’s biggest problem is the click advertising unit price is relatively low!

settlement fastest advertising alliance

why does Tencent’s business class sound low,

League features: you do it, do it. We want to give you as much as possible,

Tencent welfare incomplete statistics:

from start to now, Tencent is one of the top management team the most stable all Internet Co, in addition to adjust the search business, micro-blog, exceptions such as strategic structure, so as to ensure the overall stability, which reduces the loss rate of employees.



features: HOHO although the price is low, but we, good reputation, Ma Yun’s name is

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