Advise alimama please take some sincerity to be responsible for the advertisershlf1314 closes onlin

advertising links: alimama/membersvc/zone/797105.htm, someone will say, not just a mere 3 yuan, worth so serious? We have a transposition, if you buy advertising, accidentally bought the ad, you will feel about


shlf1314 spokesman Gabriel

phishing station:, see screenshot can you also call station?:

video website of shlf1314 remains open, but from the beginning of August 15th will stop displaying paid program.


has purchased the video program but unable to watch the consumer credit card, shlf1314 will be the way through the online payment service Checkout refund costs to the consumer.

In order to compensate the

since January 2006, shlf1314 has been selling watch a variety of video content including sports, music and news, right. Most of the video content sales price of $more than 10 to $20. Users can pay a small amount of money "leased" viewing options in a day program or purchase this program in order to keep watch. All programs must be paid through shlf1314’s website a viewing window to enjoy.


Strickler said that the current changes once again confirmed we will establish an ad supported model for the determination of video service.

This is the           shlf1314 late Friday confirmed the decision. This decision shows that shlf1314 will put financial and human resources used in the development of advertising format in order to use a large number of popular online video advantage.

original website:, interface screenshot:

shlf1314 last year with $1 billion 760 million acquisition of YouTube is expected to become the focus of shlf1314 to video advertising market expansion. shlf1314 officials hope to the end of the year for video advertising to establish an effective advertising system.

. However, most of these ads are associated with the search results and other website written content displayed together with the static, based on text message.

Most of the revenue comes from advertising shlf1314 I believe that Part of the

since the line on alimama, can be said that caused a stir in the industry, however, this double-edged sword brings us what? Mom really on both sides for? Just looking to buy ads, take this to say it:

Strickler said, refund the money without any impact on shlf1314. shlf1314 currently has $12 billion 500 million in cash. However, the spokesman did not disclose how many people are willing to buy shlf1314’s video service.

alimama’s technical staff can carry from the website logo pictures of the domain name resolution out site is true, I also believe that alimama’s technical personnel at a glance website any a link that can distinguish between true and false, can you do that?

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