Who can not afford to buy big lightning prices to save you

after Christmas, also means that in 2016 entered the countdown, the Spring Festival is approaching to us, the Spring Festival tickets are already on sale. Once a year the new year began sweeping the country, regardless of the past year is "success" or "failure", we are fully equipped for, with quiet mentality and beautiful look to greet the new year, "lightning price" of care rujierzhi, whether you are "shy" or "wealthy" you can find your name in the "lightning price" in APP. At the end of the year to promote the carnival after twelve nodes as the most representative, has always been the highlight of the electronic business platform competition. "Lightning price" to find the key nodes, from the competition to win, then a new upsurge in shopping.


modern people especially the new people in the workplace north of Guangzhou, and buy a big bag of a few, probably because the "workplace needs" and "face job" has greatly contributed to the copycat brand market, lead to abnormal development of the consumer market, the consumer market is not conducive to the stable and healthy. Want to buy a brand and not willing to wronged themselves, in addition to buy a cottage there is no other way to do it?

who can not afford to buy big, "lightning price" to save you!

"lightning price" staged at the end of the big influx of goods to enjoy special, the audience 1 fold, activity time is December 27th to December 31st, the classic brand -calvin Klein, and then the special offer "full 299 minus 20, the value of activities full cut full 399 minus 30", a variety of fashion sweater jeans with 229 hands, the tide "flash." only 219! With the top engineering brand DICKIES began in 1922, only 199 yuan striped sweater, cashmere Baseball Jacket 289, warm and stylish dovetail cotton is only 699 yuan. The recent fire in the German designer fashion tide brand, Master street shooting artifact PHILIPP PLEIN, lightning also took the price, and the price is very affordable, with 699-70899-100 full capacity reduction coupons, price is very cost-effective.


since April 2016, since the lightning price officially launched, the platform has never stopped the pace of collection of more brands, not only in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea tide brand BAPE, BEEDEE and other niche brands can also let consumers you can easily buy. Platform includes more than 3600 international and domestic top brands, involving clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, digital, home and other categories. The user scale accumulated more than 10 million people, and therefore in the steady growth, the price of APP for customer service, lightning pre-sales staff again unified training, more perfect and adjust the service system, strengthen the management of customer service personnel, strictly control every aspect of online and offline. This upgrade will be expanded to 4 times the original number of customer service team, customer service hotline on duty phone 300% increase in the number of. Move >

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