Now the network continued to talk about speculation is very hot blog to make moneyData China website

Hello, I am Chinese Wangzhuan nets webmaster wood, a few days ago I wrote a Linda customer service station beauty article "to talk about now is fried very hot" blog "money" in the A5 Adsense nets published, will quickly be major websites! Here, first thank our network friends on our website

    A; Chinese classmates – for more information, see attachment

"to talk about now is fried very hot" blog "money" was published, aroused strong repercussions higher! Many make friends through , e-mail, telephone and other means to communicate with my customer service website, ask the related knowledge of "money blogging", I do answer customer service station. I as a Chinese Wangzhuan nets webmaster, on this article Linda to write some places need to add further explanation:

    necessary ground channel construction; promotion of

C, a network society in parallel with real society

3, stage of development – more than $10 million venture capital

C, because the virtual society is not true basic information, the convenience of information exchange is far from being developed. "Jiayuan" just because there is some truth, has made great achievements. But for its members, this resource is only safe for spiritual communication and can not be used in material exchange transactions.

1, the world’s best database Laosun

four, capital requirements

two, beyond Web2.0 network form

3, confirm the registration point of attracting Internet users

! support and love!In the article


2, upgrade stage ——-50 million

    C; China’s largest and best online advertising network click on ads for lottery tickets – see details for attachments

1, initial stage ——-50 – 1 million angel investment

also, "don’t cheat, or do not use words like" brush flow "software Laoxu blog! Why Jingjiubushuai, her blog flow can not brush! Why do Wangzhuan circles now a The atmosphere was foul., is because there are too many, too many cheating liar, what day earn hundreds of thousands and those deceptiveadvertisements, look disgusting! Do Wangzhuan really can do to earn hundreds, but those advertising is really several? The urge you: the net Wangzhuan Wangzhuan as their loved ones to treat, do not try to deceive it! Cheating ideas, please stay away from me!

2. how to make your blog "flow"". Of course, we all know that there is enough to attract users of content, content is king, but also constantly updated. In addition, blogs, like websites, also need SEO optimization, which helps search engines better find your blog. Specific how to optimize, we can go to learn some knowledge of SEO optimization.

    integration of the cost of resources – to seek welfare lottery, lottery, advertising investment Yi Weijiutong and other institutions to build supporting teams.

subscribe to RSS. I don’t know what RSS is, but what about sh419? So, of course, subscribing to celebrities. For example, your blog is entertaining, so you can subscribe to an entertainment star’s blog. Once she published an article, you immediately in her article for the first message, a message! This is the so-called "sofa"! For example: we can look at my blog, she wrote an article, there will be tens of thousands of users to read this article, each netizen in look at the time, will look at a fundus under review, you are the first message, you want your message will be how many people see? Remember: no matter.

    rapid expansion network >

three, "data China" implementation steps

A, the network above the real person blogger, and most of the reality of life in the face of different

one, the core content of the website:

I’m here to teach you some tips. Let’s try it:

B, therefore, intangible assets on the Internet can not be used in real life in exchange for real life names and profits.

2, design the necessary template

    mainly used for website construction, basic data enrichment, team building, office environment,

    B, Baijiaxing – details see Annex


A, China’s most authentic personal data center


    improve company image.

1. I must first say "do not cheat" Linda! Linda referred to the "pseudo blog", this is a very interesting phenomenon, in the Sina blog on the home page of the so-called "celebrity" blog, I found another is false! Here is not convenient to say which one is you. Can go to find out! If you search for a celebrity blog, may search out tens of thousands of

    D; China network personal information confirmation center; provide supporting services for all websites details, see attachment,

B, China’s biggest

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