Four new online operation is the most taboo

Not a lot of experience for

third, website



second, Links

recently optimization, July 4th just on the line in the A5 cast a soft day love Shanghai included, do not know good luck or soft role thanks to A5, but because the site title not written, evening my colleague took the title change, this is now the snapshot frame of the tragedy……

in order not to let more people follow my steps Xiaobian day light talk about new four point

site title search engine is an important standard to judge a website content relevance, the credibility of the site search engine on the line just for your degree is very low, if you modify the title light like me is right down in the snapshot fixed line after heavy, is likely to be in love with the sea K off, even the old station modify title is also will be down right to study not to mention a new birth. But because many owners before thinking and planning are good think of where, suddenly thought of what keywords on the top or need to think before the title is not good enough, is free to modify, you are not devoted to love Shanghai Shanghai will make you better than

fourth, a chain of

Links is based on the principle of mutual benefit, a new weight for maintenance may be how people are willing to do Links to you? This is not normal, although the weight Links is very high, but I advise the webmaster friends don’t risk your life here, in order to develop the day after the temporary patience is a must.

A small school website

can often see many webmaster asked in the forum, my new station every day outside the chain but why not? Following a lot of people to answer multiple point, update on time, such misleading words. The new station does not need to release a lot of the chain, just need to release some of the bait will lead to the spider can station, more important is the station to have a large number of high quality articles to meet the needs of spiders. Love Shanghai query chain is not updated in real time, it is likely that you have released a lot of records to the database and love Shanghai not put out, if you are still large number of the chain that >

? on the line the most tabooFirst, modify the title of

optimization webmaster, it is difficult to get at once the site layout and page layout, so there is a line on the website after the discovery of this website as a missing piece in the lack of a phenomenon, for this phenomenon we must keep calm, as our most important goal is the new footing. When we get some weight and credibility to implement the following plan, but many people do not understand this truth, that the love of Shanghai haven’t included my website never mind to take advantage of this opportunity to change, but love Shanghai has included not only just.

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