10 ugly but good tool for the recommendation of Shanghai Dragon

awesome place: Blogscape allows you to monitor any day by popularity keywords, brand or link. You only need to input a phrase or URL, then you can see the list of these contents mentioned a lot. If you understand the advanced search operators, you can also track only contains a specific domain name article, found the new link is a weapon.


1. Shared Count


5-6. Ro>

: what ugly things to the IE6 are very ugly, IE6 itself is no exception.

ugly place: who says you need a graphic designer to make a web tool




awesome place: when detect browser compatibility, IE will make you busy. IETester is a free, downloadable browser allows you to render different versions of the IE browser, put in a window with the comparison and check for errors. In addition to the debug mode.

Shanghai Longfeng professional website Shanghai dragon Moz summarizes ten Shanghai dragon tools, these tools look ugly in appearance, and even some ugly, but the function is very powerful and practical.

this is a tool, if you are not paying members, the login page is more ugly.

awesome place: URI Valet through 10 tools complete technical inspection, reviews and other work. You can view any web server header text, HTML ratio, download speed and other information, and can be verified by W3C.

let’s take a look at these ten big ugly but easy to use:


2. IETester

4. URI Valet

ugly place: the website is almost no design at all.

Shanghai dragon tool

never Shanghai dragon tool is no exception.

awesome place: Tom Critchlow development Shared Count can not only track Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, + nobility baby and other social networks social sharing of statistical data, but also provides an open API, that is to say you can also develop their own tools through it.



3. Blogscape

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