Discussion on optimization techniques about B H Tags

label optimization points.


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< B > tag is a bold tag, keyword is bold in the article, for the important keyword to help users reading function. < B > the use of tags is very large for the optimization effect, we can not ignore, here we look at the label, the optimization need to pay attention to what matters, first we compare the display effect of almost < strong > (emphasis has the effect of Bold bold font) and < H4 > label.

let’s take a bold case: 贵族宝贝tieba.baidu贵族宝贝/

Tag Optimization

(2), < B > tags are generally marked the core keywords within the page, this page is that we need to optimize the key words. We went to a show and focus attention on the role for the user, tell the user weight >

< B >

page, view the source code, click the right mouse button, you can see the bold tag < B > Post Bar label, above expression using standard < B > tag optimization.

Hello, I am. Shanghai Longfeng optimization details more basic, is one of the most easily overlooked, below about < B > < h; > tag to do a detailed introduction, hope everybody can pay attention to the details of the Shanghai dragon, do website optimization better

(1), < B > tag not bold Title Optimization, < B > key words labels for the page title bold, we use < h > tag; standard. It is important to note that many friends love with < B > tag title.

Post Bar love Shanghai

< H4 > strong, < > and < B; > display effect is the same, they are ordinary bold after effects, but their effects are completely different, many webmaster friends misunderstand their use, resulting in excessive optimization leads to reduce the weight of the website, from the process of optimizing < H4 > mark four class label, his role is to mark four title, if you have to go annotation keywords is wrong, it will lead to excessive site optimization. < strong > markers are used to strengthen the tone effect, generally do not page keywords in bold. The label is marked for keywords in bold.

We next look at several

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