Analysis of the factors which can cause the user to quickly jump site

the first page, open a long time. Now many personal Adsense website because of taking into account the cost factor, will use some relatively cheap virtual host, and these virtual hosts mostly use wired access, access bandwidth is relatively narrow, it will cause the user will wait for a long time in the open web pages, some other websites in order to improve the appearance. Also use a lot of pictures as "background, and these pictures are also not that, only after the whole picture to download web client can show the page, this will cause the page to open a long time, which seriously affect the user’s browsing experience, and let the user choose to flee.

do a very important thing is to keep users, improve user retention time on the site, so that you have the opportunity to let users continue to grow. If this is not a site to succeed the difficulty becomes large. Therefore, understanding a site may exist the factors which lead to the user’s jump is very important, the corresponding description of these factors.

fourth page, as far as possible to reduce the use of pop. Some websites use some love pop ads, after all, can bring profit to the website. But POP advertising for the user experience will bring a great negative impact, causing users will choose to quickly jump. And some websites pop to induce users to click, but especially use can not be directly closed in the pop menu, click on the need to wait until the

page third, relatively messy, clean and neat enough. I believe that many users will open the entire page is advertising pages, and relevant content is relatively small, but also need to use the scroll bar to drag, you can see the real content. In addition to these ads also use GIF format images, stop flashing, if a long time to see these pages will be on the user’s eye damage, and this is clearly not to be able to attract users ". Therefore, advertising design on the web to beautify, allowing users to look comfortable, in addition "columns must be clear, relevant navigation should be very clear, once the user to open the page you can easily browse, can not find a column also takes a very long time.

second, the content of the site layout in the form of single use, or paging display, or use a single page layout. Generally the layout requires a combination of content length to make the appropriate adjustments, if the content is too long, then the need for paging layout, which will enhance the web page open speed, on the other hand, will not let users feel that the content is too long and lose interest in reading, but also in the page but also pay attention to some suspense. Let the user to click on the next page. This approach also helps to attract users to stay for a long time on the web page. But for short, it is not appropriate to use the page layout, but the use of a single page. So for the web typography also want to make flexible adjustment according to the content.

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