A few wrong operation site construction need to pay attention to a

first, I would like to remind you webmaster friends, love Shanghai ranking has fluctuation, we ranked in a world is likely to drop, but in the face of these problems must be calm. Because I love Shanghai every week for a small monthly update, will be a big evaluation, so we should put their ranking cycle fixed for a month, through the analysis of a month’s ranking increased or decreased, and then take corresponding measures. But there are a lot of a station to see their website ranking dropped, that is your site pseudo original content caught, so put the pseudo original content written before their removal, it will bring a lot of dead link to their website, and these dead link will directly affect our website ranking. Some owners due to their site ranking is not ideal, and modify the site title >.

error: the collection of other content over

is the most direct embodiment of the site keywords accumulation of excessive optimization. In order to improve your keywords ranking, webmaster will in an article with dozens of words, the degree of madness can not say, I have seen the most cattle is the first paragraph with 20 words, get the whole article readability is very poor, in fact, Cleverness may overreach itself. keywords, increases not only will not increase your keywords ranking, but also affect the effectiveness of our optimizations. The site is filled with a large number of similar to this spam will cause the spider friendly, so in the opinion of the author of an article in the keyword density of 7 percent on the line, do not need to get more.

as a novice webmaster, we in the process of website operation, the limitation of vision in the hearts of novice webmaster can hardly be avoided, after all, ranking and traffic is the most important, but there is a saying that is "modaobuwukanchaigong," if we in the construction site early to pursue a flow and ranking, will be "obsessed", into several common misunderstandings, so on our website only harm no good rankings to improve will become a distant goal.

error two. Keywords accumulation

with the king, I believe we all know this sentence. Early in the website construction, we need to constantly update the contents of the website to better attract spider. But this time the webmaster is a huge test. Some owners may be clever, from someone else’s website to copy and paste some of the content, and then in the first section of the original artifacts (because of love in Shanghai pay more attention to the first section of the original), I thought I could get away. But now love Shanghai see user experience more and more heavy, have no relevance to the article did not get the favour of spiders, but will let the spider feel your website is not friendly, moreover due to the excessive collection of others, will the original degree is low, cause your site in a certain degree in the course of time the spider will not come back to your website.

error three. Because of a decline in ranking free to delete the contents of the site, change site title

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